Health and Safety Course 1/2 day

Manual Handling Course

First Aid Requalification

Emergency Paediatric First Aid course

Awareness of Safeguarding

CPR / AED course

Sports First Aid

Teachers First Aid Training

Naloxone Awareness’s

Oxygen Therapy

Haemorrhage Control

Anaphylaxis Awareness’s

Mini Medics

Moving and Handling of patients

Foundation Stage ToolKits for Primary Schools

Stepping Stones NI Youth Service

Free Online Fact Checking training

Funding and Training. We provide support on new programme ideas, source potential funding and support the application, evaluation process

Funded Gambling Awareness Workshops for Professionals

Futures Project youth training programme

Schools Work - Programmes Which Deliver Education and Awareness of Restorative Practices: North Belfast

Awareness Training on Self-Harm

Care Services for the Elderly and Sick: North Belfast

Workshop Programmes - Computer Softwares and Technology: New Lodge

Restorative Adult Practices (RAPs) - Adjudicated Offenders (Reparation Done to Relationships)

Mens' Programmes: North Belfast

Conducting Workshops & Seminars (Community Development): York Road

Information and Advice on Training for Staff - Employers

Mood Matters Parent and Baby © (Mental Health - Parents and Children 0-3)

Health & Wellbeing in Personal and Professional Lives

Training Programmes for Schools, Statutory & Professional Bodies and Community Groups

Apprenticeships Opportunities for Young People 16-24

Mood Matters For Later Years (Mental Health - People 55+)

Managing Anger (For Children)

Wellbeing and Training Services to individuals, organisations, families, and the local community

Information and Advice for Parents on Vocational Training Opportunities for Young People

Courses on Caring

Mood Matters For Young People © (Young People 14-18 Year Old)

Diversity and Difference Awareness Programme for Primary and Post-Primary Pupils

Community Development: Duncairn

Qualifications for School Leavers (16/17 years old)

Support to the Blind and Visually Impaired with Education, Training, Skills and Financial Assistance

Mood Matters in the Workplace © (Improvement of Mental Health)

Alcohol and Drugs (Programme for Students)

Personal Development Courses: New Lodge

Qualifications and Work Experience - Job Seekers

School Programme for Children Visually Impared / Deaf: Rostulla, Newtownabbey

Mood Matters For Adults © (Mental Health and Resilience)

Peer Mentoring (Senior Students to Assist Their Juniors)

Life Coaching (Achievement Of Personal Goals And Positive Mental Attitude): New Lodge

Financial Advice To Thorndale Lifehouse Residents: Duncairn

Education/Training (Employment): Water Works

Living Life to the Full (Feelings and Anxiety Management): North Belfast

Training for Trainers on Child Protection

Accredited Reflexology & Swedish Massage Training

Consultancy - Training and Employment Opportunities for Unemployed People: Ballysillan

Talks on Indian Values and Spirituality

Mental Health Awareness Programme (Becoming more Resilient and Improving General Health and Wellbeing)

Training for Professionals (How to Support Child and Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse)

Youth Engagement Service - Advice and Signposting: Substance Use, Mental Health, Training

Earn As You Learn (18-25 Year Olds who Wish to Gain Training and Experience in Youth Leadership)

Educational Skills and Qualifications + Awareness Raising on Violence

Young Persons' Programmes: North Belfast

AMH - MensSana (Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing)

Autism Advisory & Intervention Service (AAIS)

Ernie W. Davis Fund

S.T.A.R. Programme for Children: North Belfast

AMH New Horizons (Adults Recovering from Mental Ill-Health): Belfast

Literacy Service (Pupils, Schools and Parents in the Area of Specific Learning Difficulties in Literacy)

Training & Employment Opportunities for Unemployed People: Ardoyne

Womens' Programmes: North Belfast

Enterprise Training (Groups): New Lodge

Language & Communication (Pupils With Identified Language Difficulties)

Educational and Training Courses

Relationships (Programme for Children)

Ashton Centre FabLab Open Access Days: Churchill Street

Sensory Service: Children With Hearing and/or Visual Loss

Community and Volunteer Development: Rathcoole, O'Neill

Hindu Community Centre: Sunday Activities

Design & Manufacture Service (Rapid Prototyping Service)

Parents Groups/Courses: Rosetta, Ormeau

Community Development: Mallusk and Hydepark

Accredited Training Courses (Age 14yrs+): New Lodge

Mediation And Community Support (MACS): Help to Young Offenders

Signposting to Relevant Local Services: Westland

English Classes: Duncairn

School Engagement - The Promotion of Design and Digital Fabrication in Classrooms

Training Opportunities (Theatre, Dance and Performing Arts Sector)

Training & Support for Artists and Events/Festivals Organisers

Peace Impact Programme: Twadell/ Woodvale

Eating Disorders: Awareness Training Programme

Employability Training to Local Residents + Community Activities: Twadell/Woodvale

Parents Seminar on Children and Young People's Arthritis

Networking Opportunities and Events for Women's Support Network's Members

Self-harm Awareness Training

Outreach Support to Women's Support Network member Groups

Strengthening Families (Enhancing Relationships Between 12-16 Years Old and Parents)

Training for Staff Working in Licensed Premises on the Effects of Alcohol

Workforce Development Training (VCSE Staff - Knowledge and Skills in Addressing Substance Miseuse)

Leadership & Active Citizenship for Young People Within their Community: Ballygomartin

Personal Development Programmes for Young People (Mental Health, Drug Awareness, Homelessness, Leadership, etc): Ballygomartin

AQA Unit Award Scheme Training

Belfast City Council's Co-operative Support Programme

Duke Of Edimburgh Scheme (Supporting the Personal and Social Development of Young People 14-25)

Programme for Groups Wanting to Improve, Protect and Reconnect with their Environment

Land Mobility Scheme (Encouraging Young People into Farming with New Skills)

Support for Co-operatives and Community Businesses

Youth Work Training Coherent Training Route (CTR): Accredited Pathway for Young Leaders, Volunteers and Youth Workers

Go For It - Support to Help Develop a Business Plan to Grow a Business

Transition From School (18-30 Year Olds who Have a Learning Disability)

Refugee Florating Support Service

Training and Employment to Local Residents: Ligoniel

Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills Qualifications

Group Work - Personal and Social Development Programmes for Youth: Woodvale

The Start Academy (Children 12+): Theatre

Information and Advice on Apprenticeships: Glengormley

Mental Health & Suicide Awareness Service: New Lodge

Training & Assisting Unemployed Women from Local Communities

Support Services to Refugees (Housing, Finances, Health, Education, Employment, Social Inclusion, etc)

Early Years - Let's Play and Grow Project (Deaf Children Aged 0-8 & Families)

Exploring Enterprise - Mentoring and Training (Starting a Business or Gaining Employment)

Clinical Supervision to Counsellors, Therapists and Practioners

Box Clever - Employment/Training/Volunteering Programme for Young People: Monkstown, Newtownabbey

Employers' Apprenticeship Training: Glengormley

Cross-community Programmes: Greencastle and Whitewell

Vocational Training for Adults from Disadvantaged Backgrounds: North Belfast

BHSCT Employability Mentoring Service for Young People: Belfast

Personal Development and Employability Skills Qualifications

Volunteering Development Programme (Working With Children and Young People): Woodvale

Group Work - Emotional Health and Well-being: Ardoyne

Training for Health and Social Work Professionals Working with Children

Early Years Specialist Services: Belfast

BHSCT Employability Service for Young People: Belfast

Qualifications for Professional Development

Investing in Children Ireland: Involving Children Organisations in Delivering Services

GET SET for Work (Youth Employability Programme for Young People 16-24): Belfast

Training For Teachers and Trainees on Children's Rights

Trans* Awareness Training & Continuing Professional Development

Area Action Groups - Conflict Transformation for Former Combatants

Support Services for Committees: Falls

Lads2Dads: Parenting Rights & Responsibilities (Young Fathers)

Working with Young People Qualifications

Building Futures: Supporting Economically Inactive Unemployed Women into Employment, Training or Volunteering

Call - ICT Project (Employment Opportunities): Lower North Belfast

Community Centre - Activities, Events and Programmes: Duncairn

Community (Local) Events

Training in Child Protection: Belfast

Switch onto Employment - Supporting Young People (16-24) to Move into Training, Education or Employment: Greater Belfast

Zest for Life - Life Coaching Course to Help Move on From Cancer and Treatment: Physical and Mental Health

PASS - Promote, Advance, Support for Success to Women: North Belfast

Community Family Support Programme: New Lodge

Community Positive Parenting Course: Ballygomartin

Building Skills, Resilience, and Me (Mental Health and Wellbeing): Duncairn

Community Building Services: LGBTQ+ Community

Workshops (Space for Dialogue)

Healthy Places Programme: Belfast

Accredited Training - People Working with Parents

Promoting Opportunities Programme #notjustforboys: for post-GCSE Young Girls not Pursuing an Academic Route

Core Project (Employability Programme for Young People Aged 16-24): North Belfast

Young Leaders Programme - OCN Level 2: New Lodge

Giving and Getting Involved (Volunteering): Duncairn

Marrowbone Community Hub/ Marrowbone Youth Club

Inequalities Programme: Belfast

Promoting Opportunities, Opening Up Diversity (PROUD): Bringing Women Together

LEMIS+ Project (Employability Programme - People Unemployed and not in Education): Belfast

Legacy Programmes - Women: Glengormley

Living and Learning About Me (Trauma and Mental health & Wellbeing): Duncairn

LGBTQ+ Awareness Training

Community Centre: Benview, Ballysillan

Education Programme (Accredited and Non-Accredited Courses): Falls

Let Youth Lead (Cross-community Youth Work and Good Relationd): Cliftonville, Cavehill & Antrim Road

Active Mentoring in Community Settings: Belfast

Development and Training Opportunities (Enhancing Skills and Employability - Local People)

The "Know How" Series (Psychological Therapies): Duncairn

Practitioner Support - Disputes: Belfast

Peter's Hill's Services (Young People and Adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Mental Health Issues): Belfast

Training and Education + Employability Programmes for Republican Ex-Prisoners and Their Families: North Belfast

Self-Management: Zest for Life by Cancer Focus NI

Training Services - Suicide Prevention, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders, Self-Care and Befriending

Bursaries Supporting Theatres and Performing Arts Practitioners

Youth Club Services: Ardoyne

Journeys (Women Aged 18+ Involved Within the Criminal Justice System): Belfast

Programmes & Events (Peacebuilding)

Essential Potential (Providing Young People with Essential Skills Qualifications)

Diversity Champions Programme - LGBT Rights

Education and Training (Social Inclusion): Cliftonville

Awareness Raising Sessions on Male Domestic Abuse

Employability for AA Veterans Beneficiaries: Crumlin Road

Me Myself I and Us (family carers involved in caring for a disabled child and/or life-limiting condition)

Education and Training (Personal Development, Confidence, Mentoring): Women

Routes To Resilience (Bespoke Programmes for Families): Belfast

Training (Promoting Personal and Professional Competence)

Employability (young people aged 16+ who are not ready to take part in a training course, attend college or move into work)

LGBT Affirmative Therapy Training to Professionals

Training Sessions (Local Community Groups): New Lodge

OCN level 2 in Community Youth Work: North Belfast

The Orientation Programme (Practical Information Concerning Housing): Belfast

Training Programmes (Employability): North Belfast

Apprenticeships Opportunities for Young People 16-24

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Awareness Training

Family Education, Training and Employability: Crumlin Road

Facilitation of Groups and Training Session: Conflict management, Diversity, Good Relations and Equality

Events and Training - National Children's Bureau

Programmes for Young People: New Lodge

BDACT Connections (Raising Awareness of the Impact of Drugs and Alcohol Locally): Belfast Area

Training for Professional Development to Frontline Housing Advisers in VCSE Sector: East Belfast

Step Into Employment Programme: 25 to 59 year olds not in Employment, Education or Training

Youth Services - Let's Talk Gender Identity 16-24

Community Development Through Local Projects and Activities: Twaddell/Woodvale Area

Accredited and Non-Accredited Training Courses: Water Works

Community Development: Duncairn

Support Services for Young People: Ardoyne

Training for Success (Young School Leavers)

Learning and Transformative Opportunities for Young People (Community Empowerment)

Graduate Academy - Training Course in Performing Arts: Shankill

Community Centre: Carrick Hill, New Lodge

Employment and Training - Employees With Any Form of Learning Difficulty or Autism

Pathways Project (Programme for 15-16 at Risk of Offending and being Excluded from Mainstream Education): Belfast

Individual Placement Support - Employment Mentoring

Young Persons Employment Initiative (18 to 24 year olds not in Employment, Education or Training)

Therapeutic Film-Making (Excluded Individuals With Learning Disability and Mental Health Issues): Belfast

Summer Schools (Theatre): Shankill

Supporting People with Autism to Gain Confidence and Skills

Involving Young Researchers in NCB's Work (Training and Support)

Individual and Collective Development: Carrick Hill, New Lodge

Empowerment through photography and story sharing


Services which provide accredited and unaccredited educational courses and training.

It could be training/education provided by organisations for people to have access to a diploma. Not necessarily private education/training.

290 support services available

Accredited and Non-Accredited Training Courses: Water Works

TIDES Training and Consultancy

Duncairn Complex, Duncairn Ave Belfast, BT14 6BP (Behind the Duncairn Cultural Arts Centre)

Accredited Reflexology & Swedish Massage Training

Bridge of Hope - McSweeney Centre

McSweeney Centre, Henry Place, Belfast BT15 2BB

Accredited Training - People Working with Parents

Parenting Focus

Parenting NI Head Office, 42 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HN

Accredited Training Courses (Age 14yrs+): New Lodge

Ashton Centre FabLab

FabLab at the Ashton Centre, 5 Churchill Street, Belfast BT15 2BP

Active Mentoring in Community Settings: Belfast

Community Sports Network

28 Townsend Street, Belfast BT13 2ES

AMH - MensSana (Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing)

Action Mental Health - Mensana

Action Mental Health - Mensana, 9 Upper Queen Street, Belfast BT1

AMH New Horizons (Adults Recovering from Mental Ill-Health): Belfast

Action Mental Health - AMH New Horizons Belfast

Action Mental Health New Horizons, Level 2 Fisherwick Building, 9 Upper Queen Street, Belfast BT1 6FB

Apprenticeships Opportunities for Young People 16-24

Workforce Training

467 Antrim Road, Belfast BT15 3BS

Apprenticeships Opportunities for Young People 16-24

Bryson FutureSkills

Stockman House, 39 - 42 Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7EE

AQA Unit Award Scheme Training

Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster

HQ: 475 Antrim Road, Belfast BT15 3BD

Area Action Groups - Conflict Transformation for Former Combatants

Action for Community Transformation - The ACT Initiative

178-180 Shankill Rd, Belfast BT13 2BH

Ashton Centre FabLab Open Access Days: Churchill Street

Ashton Centre FabLab

5 Churchill Street, Belfast BT15 2BP

Awareness Raising Sessions on Male Domestic Abuse

The Men's Advisory Project (MAP)

5th Floor Glendinning House 6 Murray Street Belfast BT1 6DN

Awareness Training on Self-Harm


Unit 7 Merkland Place, Belfast, BT13 3BH

Belfast City Council's Co-operative Support Programme

Co-operative Alternatives

Unit 140 North City Business Centre 2 Duncairn Gardens Belfast BT15 2GG