After School Programmes

Services run by schools, outside of classroom hours, typically called After School Clubs.

66 services in this category

Alcohol use

Services providing support if you are worried about how much or how often you or a family member is consuming alcohol.

49 services in this category


Services relating to animal welfare or protection.


Services which provide a creative outlet, like Music, Drama, Arts & Crafts, Book Clubs etc. 

Organsiations that help people through activities involving art.


Services supporting people who are on the Autistic Spectrum and/or family members

16 services in this category


Services offering companionship and support to you or the person you care for.

Befriending offers supportive, reliable relationships through volunteer befrienders to people who would otherwise be socially isolated.

116 services in this category

Bereavement Support

Services providing information, advice and support to individuals and families who are dealing with Bereavement

17 services in this category


Services which provide support for individuals experiencing bullying/harassment.

10 services in this category

Cancer Support/Services

Services providing support, information and advice to individuals and families affected by cancer.

50 services in this category


Services which provide support, information and advice to anyone who is a carer for another person, or for someone needing care themselves.

It can be a family member, a friend or a paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.

32 services in this category

Child Care

Services which provide care for children, typically by a crèche, nursery, or childminder.

116 services in this category

Children & Families

Services which support/involve children and families together.

172 services in this category

Children & Young People

Services which support Children and Young People - Currently "Young People" includes anyone up to and including the age of 25.

417 services in this category

Civil & Welfare Rights

Services which provide support, advice and advocacy for people who may need assistance asserting their rights as a citizen.

Legal, Civil & Welfare Rights services are not necessarily provided by sollicitors or law professionals. It can be organisations that help, support or give information to individuals.

28 services in this category

Community Development

Services which have a positive impact on the local community, sometimes called "increased social cohesion", working from sustainable goals, to empower communities to deal with local issues themselves.

For example: Civic leaders, activists, involved citizens, and professionals to improve various aspects of communities, typically aiming to build stronger and more resilient local communities.

135 services in this category

Community Relations

Services which provide a link between organisations and communities, often involving Community Outreach or steering/membership of community groups.


Services which involve a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with issues affecting your health and well being, often specialised to particular issues.

105 services in this category


Services which provide support and advice to people who may been the victim of a crime, or family members of a victim of a crime.

5 services in this category

Crisis Intervention

Services which are responsive and can quickly provide support to people in crisis. Often taking the form of a helpline, and in some cases face to face support.

12 services in this category

Day Care

Services which provide care facilities for infants & children. 

6 services in this category

Debt Management

Services which provide advice and guidance for people who may have problematic debts, typically assisting with repayment plans, debt consolidation etc.

The service includes training in finance management which enables debtors to repay their financial obligations faster. The financial coach can help debtors look at their spending habits, analyzing the main cause of the problem.

6 services in this category


Services which provide support and/or research for dementia related conditions.

10 services in this category

Disability Awareness / Support

Services which raise awareness of issues relating to disability, or support people with disabilities and their families. Support can range from provision of specialised therapies/equipment, to transport or employment advice. This category covers any kind of disability.

Domestic Violence

Services which provide support and advice for those who are affected by domestic violence and/or coercive or controlling behaviour.

22 services in this category

Dual Diagnosis

Services which support anyone who has been received a dual diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) - a term for when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously.

Either disorder — substance use or mental illness — can develop first. People experiencing a mental health condition may turn to alcohol or other drugs as a form of self-medication to improve the mental health symptoms they experience. However, research shows that alcohol and other drugs worsen the symptoms of mental illnesses.


Services which provide support, resources and advice to anyone with a diagnosis of dyslexia.

2 services in this category

Early Intervention

Services which take a public policy approach to identify and support children and their families, to prevent problems developing later in life, such as poor physical and mental health, low educational attainment, crime and anti-social behaviour.

11 services in this category

Early Years

Services which provide or advocate high quality childcare and early education to achieve improved outcomes later in life for children, from birth to the age of 5.

51 services in this category


Services which provide accredited and unaccredited educational courses and training.

It could be training/education provided by organisations for people to have access to a diploma. Not necessarily private education/training.

296 services in this category

Elder Care

Services which provide support for the elderly, dealing with issues older people face; for example social isolation, mobility issues, nutrition, security etc.


Services which provide support and advice around finding employment.

111 services in this category


Services relating to environmental issues, like recycling, tree planting, community gardens, outdoor learning etc.

19 services in this category


Service which provides support and guidance under the heading of "Faith," so, often provided by faith based groups.

Family Support

Services which provide different kinds of support to Families, for example counselling, mediation, resilience building and systemic practice etc.

116 services in this category

Financial Advice

Services which provide advice and support around managing your money and expenses/bills.


First-Aid/Public Safety

Services which provide training & support to the public and organisations around First Aid & Public Safety issues.

In this category, you will mainly find helplines (such a Samaritans of Lifeline), and organisations/centres that provide first-aid/public safety services.

35 services in this category


Services which support people who may be worried that they are gambling too much, and may have incurred debt, or may be concerned they are becoming addicted.

Health & Wellbeing

Services which have a positive effect on Health & Wellbeing.


317 services in this category


Services which are phone based - some helplines also then offer face to face support on a case by case basis.

28 services in this category


Services which provide info, support and help to people living with HIV or AIDS (and their families).

8 services in this category

Holistic Therapy

Services which are sometimes called "Complementary Therapies" often working alongside other treatments or therapies, can include mindfulness, acupuncture, pilates, yoga etc.

Holism: the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, attempting to understand and address the ways issues in one aspect of a person can lead to concerns in other areas. In other terms, alternatives to medicine.

29 services in this category

Housing & Homelessness

Services which support issues around homelessness and housing in general, including finding hostel placements, community outreach etc.


77 services in this category


Services which support people seeking asylum, and legislative advice around immigration issues.

11 services in this category

Inequality & Discrimination

Services which support people who may have been victims of institutional inequality or discrimination based on protected characteristics, for example Gender, Race, Sexuality etc.

Information & Advice Services

Services which provide information & advice to the public on a range of issues from money advice, housing, legal representation, employment rights etc. 

Isolation & Loneliness

Services which support at risk groups who may be affected by Social Isolation & Loneliness, typically offering access to groups, clubs, and support networks.

116 services in this category

Learning Disability

Service which support people with Learning disabilities and often their family members also, often including accessing employment, respite access, education assistance, and transport etc. 

48 services in this category

Legacy Issues

Services which support people affected by legacy issues from "The Troubles," often including trans-generational trauma, PTSD, mental illness, social isolation, substance use, domestic violence etc.

38 services in this category


Services which provide support, advice and advocacy for people who may need assistance asserting their rights as a citizen.

Legal, Civil & Welfare Rights services are not necessarily provided by sollicitors or law professionals. It can be organisations that help, support or give information to individuals.


All the services that help people in the LGBTQ+ community, and all services related one way or the other to the LGBTQ+ community.


Services which lobby on people's and organisations' behalf around important public policy and statutory issues.

11 services in this category


Services which deal with issues affecting men.

51 services in this category

Mental Health

Services which support people who my be struggling with their mental health, often including counselling, peer support, referrals to Community Mental Health Teams etc.



Services which help people feel more empowered to deal with issues in their life, often including counselling and advice around career planning, skills training, project guidance, professional contacts, or problem-solving etc.

115 services in this category


Services which support any groups of people considered at risk of being marginalised due to belonging to BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups, or any other social group which may face discrimination in society.

A minority group refers to a category of people who experience relative disadvantage as compared to members of a dominant social group.

11 services in this category

Money & Debt

Services which support people need advice or guidance around money and personal debt issues, often involving subsequent sign-posting to more specific services which help with all of the ancillary issues around money and debt.


Occupations & Forces

Services which support people who serve or have served in the police / armed forces and the issues around police or military life.

Older People

Services which support older people, and issues associated with aging.

Peer Support

Services which provide support through shared experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other - "Peers" in this context are often other previous (or current) service users.

Often group based work, but also occasionally similar to a "Sponsor" type relationship. Common in Addictions or Substance Use intervention services and in Mental Health services also.

64 services in this category


Services provided by or within Pharmacies.

52 services in this category

Physical/Sexual Abuse

Services which support people who have experienced, or are at risk of, physical or sexual abuse.

12 services in this category


Services which support people below the poverty line, either locally, nationally or internationally.


Services which support pregnant women, and health & well being issues related to pregnancy.

25 services in this category

Prenatal Care

Services which support soon-to-be parents through doctors or midwives that treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy.

27 services in this category

Prisoners & Ex Offenders

Services supporting the rehabilitation and reintegration into society of people who have been through the criminal justice system (could also be services provided directly in prisons).

Rape & Sexual Abuse

Services which provide support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

13 services in this category

Rural Development

Services which support and advocate for the development of rural areas, often including infrastructure projects, and access to other services.

3 services in this category

Sexual Health & Reproduction

Services which advise and/or provide medical interventions for people who need support around Sexual Health & Reproduction, including contraception, family planning, screening for STIs/STDs etc.

This can be GUM clinics, but also organisations that specifically tackle sexual issues.

Social Prescribing

Services which connect people to community services and activities often run by local councils, statutory bodies and charities, to improve societal Health and Wellbeing outcomes.

"Social Prescribing" is an umbrella term likely to be tagged in services alongside a more specific category chosen to describe the support provided.

25 services in this category


Services which provide access to sport or leisure activities, such as sports clubs, walking clubs, couch to 5k, park runs, gyms etc.

281 services in this category

Substance Use

Services which support people affected by their substance use, and often family members of people who may be using substances to hazardous or harmful levels. Often split into "Tiers" 1 & 2 & 3 depending on the severity/impact of use.


59 services in this category

Suicide Support & Prevention

Services which support people at risk of  taking their own lives, or who have suicidal thoughts, sometimes called "TTLNWL" or thoughts that life not worth living, and/or for family members of people who have completed suicide.

29 services in this category

Support Groups

Services which provide support on a group basis, so can be peer support, service user groups, group therapy etc.


67 services in this category

Systemic Family Support

Services which support families in a group setting  help members of a family understand each other better, change negative behaviours  and resolve conflicts.

Also called "Family therapy". It means any services involving families getting therapy together.

Terminal Illness

Services which support people who a have terminal illness or a disease that cannot be cured or adequately treated and is reasonably expected to result in death of the patient.

11 services in this category

Volunteer Development

Services which support individuals and organisations in developing and upskilling their volunteer base.

15 services in this category


Services which support women and issues affecting women specifically.

103 services in this category