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All About Us began in 2018 and has grown steadily through our person centered approach, the support we offer to young people and their families include weekly meetups, youth group activities, parent support, community activities, family days, sensory workshops, life skills and various accredited courses.

We do not ask for proof of diagnosis or difficulties the family or young person is facing, we are all inclusive of a range of abilities and a diagnosis is not necessary to access our services.

Our basic programme runs alongside various other activites.

At All About Us we bring together those diagnosed or are going through the diagnosis process of autism and associated conditions, their siblings and their families who live in our community. We concentrate on the positive qualities our young people have, many people have preconceptions and concentrate on the negative side of autism.

At All About Us we encourage a ‘sense of place’ through connecting the community with the activities that we organise and run.

People with Autism are more comfortable and engage better in a familiar place, somewhere they can go to feel safe, to gather with friends, or spend leisure time. At All About Us we provide the opportunity to do this while basing activities which help to support our young people to deal with the issues they are facing in a safe and tailored environment opening up opportunities to learn new skills and gain knowledge.

By providing these opportunities, we aim to empower our young people making them feel valued and important reducing social isolation and improving personal self-worth.

How to access this support

Self referral for sessions or drop in for community sessions please check our website for further details

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