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Made in Heaven- free Matchmaking Service - Animal Rescue: Newtownabbey

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust

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7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust provides a match-making service to rehome their pets. Our aim is to offer another alternative to people who feel we has to give up their dog but are worried about where it ends up. The dog will be rehomed directly from the current owner to the new owner without the dog's paws ever having to go near a pound or sanctuary. The person offering the dog a home can see the animal in a home environment, and ask the owner about it. The owner can have the choice where it is rehomed. We will offer advice with the home check or support this, before the animal is handed over. We will transfer the microchip details to the new owner and will support settling paying for neutering / some basic dog training as required. There is no charge for this service.

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