Find your Smile! Gentle, powerful and friendly support to address anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance through Hypnotherapy

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I offer one-to-one Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions where we work together to ease the pressure of anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance on your life. This gentle, effective and friendly therapy uses relaxation and visualisation to get behind the chatter in your head and change your thought patterns effortlessly, so that you can see the wider picture, feel better and brighter and solve your problems effectively and sustainably. This is not past regression therapy - it's all future based, full of hope and positivity and empowerment - so when you decide you're ready, you'll go off into the world with all the tools you need to live a successful. contented and confident life. Find out more at my website or just give me a shout! In-Person and online sessions available.

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There are always lots of questions about hypnotherapy and I love to answer then so just give me a call, send a WhatsApp or text or fill in the contact form on my website 

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Effective, friendly hypnotherapy for anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance in the Down area

Rosie's Space Hypnotherapy