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Omagh Healthy Living Network delivers a range of health promotion programmes across the rural and urban areas of Omagh as well as Social Prescribing.

We support the Omagh District with programmes on;

Mental Health

Physical Health

Food Health

Smoking Cessation

Pain Support

Social Prescribing + other health promotion programmes

The Social Prescriber will take the time to chat to you about how you are feeling and what matters to you – and will explore options in your community to improve your wellbeing and help you plan your next steps.

(Note: All social prescribing referrals to go through the GPs)

Find out more - contact the team on 07458094050 or email [email protected]

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How to access this support

‘A Holistic Approach to Health’

We help people to address their health and wellbeing by connecting then to sources of support within their community.

What is Social Prescribing?

Social Prescribing connects people with non-medical, community-based support to enhance their overall well-being. Think of it as a prescription for well-being, happiness, and a fulfilling life!

What support can I get?

  • The Social Prescriber can help you:
  • Get involved with your local community, for example social activities, such as a walking group, arts and crafts group, coffee morning, luncheon club.
  • Get the support you need with day-to-day challenges.
  • Address social, emotional, and practical needs.
  • Get advice and support on housing, benefits, and finances.
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Counselling and other support groups
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle advice
  • Access training and/or volunteering opportunities
  • Education and Learning Support

Contact your GP Surgery and ask for a referral to [email protected]

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