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Our pen-and phone-pal scheme is a great way to connect with others and many people have formed new friendships. 

Details of the scheme are in the application form on our website, and you will see that it works in a very straightforward way. If you choose to take part then the details you supply to us on the enclosed form will be added to the scheme database and circulated to other participants.

In return, you will then receive details of the other participants. Updates are currently sent out three to four times per year. We can assure you that your details will not be used for any other purpose or circulated to any third party. Furthermore, your details will be deleted automatically after 1 year, or if you decide to leave the scheme.

If you decide to participate, it really is down to you how you use the scheme. Naturally the more information you supply leads to a greater chance of you being contacted by someone who shares the same interests. However, we recommend that you only provide information that you are comfortable about other people knowing.

We hope that you will find the scheme interesting and, if you decide to take part, that you will then enjoy being in touch with like-minded people throughout the UK.

How to access this support

Please email or call our office for more info or complete the application form on our website. 

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