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Start360 is Northern Ireland’s leading provider of support services to young people, adult offenders and families in the community.

We offer a range of innovative programmes and services which can be easily adapted to meet specific issues faced by young people, including drug/alcohol misuse, mental and emotional health, barriers to employment or achievement, and lack of confidence and self-esteem.  Sessions are always delivered in a way that is enjoyable and interactive, whilst being grounded in a sound learning framework.


 Our key programmes and services include:

  •  Advocacy: representing and discussing young people’s views;
  • Counselling: offered to young people with more complex emotional or mental health support needs;
  • Diversionary Activities/Residential Experiences: providing young people with opportunities to participate and improve their personal, social and life skills;
  • Groupwork: educating young people and/or adults, helping them to understand and engage with each other;
  • Mentoring & Group Mentoring Tailored: an experienced youth worker assists young people to make positive lifestyle and employment choices.


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Keyworker, Targeted Life Skills Service


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Training/Advice Workshop


Booking details at Refreshments and Lunch are provided. This interactive one-day workshop is an opportunity for all carers, helping professionals, and managers to assess and address the impact their work has on their emotional well being. We will explore ways to reduce the risk of being personally impacted by the traumatic experiences of those we support. The training also provides a broad overview of how we can become more trauma informed at service and organisational level. Through discussion and reflection, we can discover how and why caregivers and helpers are affected by another person’s suffering. Please note there are only 16 places available on this course, however please contact us if you would like to attend our next event or provide you with team or organisational training. Please contact learning.development@start360 for more details.
03 December 2019

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