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Local charity Dementia NI is a membership organisation specifically for people living with dementia. Dementia NI was founded on 15th January 2015 by five people with dementia who wanted to ensure that the voice of people living with dementia is at the core of policy, practice and service delivery across Northern Ireland. Members use their experiences and opinions to make improvements to the services and support provided to them to better meet their individual needs and challenge the stigma surrounding dementia. The charity has established Dementia Empowerment Groups throughout Northern Ireland which provide a place for people with dementia to come together, share experiences, reflect and provide peer support.

•    Challenge the stigma of having a diagnosis by raising awareness about dementia;
•    Promoting the right for people living with dementia to be involved in decisions that affect their lives;
•    Provide training, education and awareness to organisations and the public on how to best support people living with dementia;
•    Support people living with dementia to raise awareness of dementia in their own right.


Dementia NI Empowerment Groups

The Dementia NI Empowerment Groups which run throughout Northern Ireland empower people with dementia to have a voice, remain active and part of their community.

Dementia NI members meet on a regular basis to offer each other support through their friendly social gatherings and raise awareness about what it is like to live with the symptoms of dementia. The Empowerment Groups are a place for people with dementia to come together, share experiences, reflect and provide support to each other.


Raise awareness and challenge the stigma

Dementia NI members use their views and experiences to make positive changes for people with dementia. Members help influence and inform how people can still live well with dementia. Through training and education, the members tell others what it is like to live with dementia, as well as challenge the stigma attached to a diagnosis by raising awareness.


Awareness Sessions

Members give talks to educate others about what it is like to live with dementia. These unique sessions are brought to life as members share real-life experiences of living with dementia and help explain what support they need.

Supported by staff and volunteers who give a background on dementia in the hope that everyone will become more understanding and be accepting of the symptoms.


Tailored Consultations

Dementia NI members play a vital role in influencing how to make communities and neighbourhoods more inclusive for people living with the symptoms and contribute to societal issues which may affect them and others with dementia.

Dementia NI members invite organisations including community groups, sports associations, retailers and various other service providers to consult on how they can make their services, environments, resources and venues more appropriate for people with dementia.


Influence policy and development of good practice

By engaging with various organisations throughout Northern Ireland, members inform them how to make their services, policies and practice more suitable for people living with dementia.


Dementia NI JAM Card

The award-winning JAM Card (Just A Minute) allows people with dementia or other communication barriers to ask for just a minute of patience when they need it. The Dementia JAM Card, for people living with dementia/memory problems, is a discreet way of telling people that they may sometimes need a little extra time and patience.

The Dementia JAM Card is available from Dementia NI free of charge as a plastic card, key fob and as an app for your phone.

Dementia NI's Content

Friday Friendlies

Dementia NI

Friday Friendlies are back at Ards Arts Centre! Dementia NI has partnered with Ards and North Down Borough Council to create an inclusive art club suitable for anyone requiring a gentler pace of class.

Dementia NI - Empowerment Group Support Volunteer - Newry & Mourne, Craigavon & Banbridge, and Armagh & Dungannon areas

Dementia NI

Rocking this Dementia

Dementia NI

Members of local charity Dementia NI are reaching out to others living with dementia in Northern Ireland and beyond.
Dementia NI

Dementia NI

Local dementia charity, Dementia NI, is today celebrating after being awarded almost £460,000 in National Lottery funding to support its work with individuals living with dementia.

Dementia NI

Dementia NI invites you along to our "Real Lives Event" taking place on Thursday 18th April 2019 in Enniskillen. This is a ticket only event and registration is essential. (Please see the poster attached for details on how to register) Places are limited.
18 April 2019
Dementia JAM Card

Dementia NI

The Dementia JAM Card, for people living with dementia/memory problems, is a discreet way of telling people that they may sometimes need a little extra time and patience.

Volunteer Driver - Belfast

Dementia NI

Photo Credit: Dementia NI. Dementia NI ask others to JAM - Give ‘Just a Minute’.

Dementia NI

Local charity Dementia NI, set up by a group of individuals living with dementia, has teamed up with Belfast based social enterprise NOW Group to launch a dementia-specific JAM Card.

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