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Formed in 1995, CENI is a 'not for profit' organisation providing evaluation support services to the community and voluntary sector and its funders.

Located within and committed to the values of the voluntary and community sector, CENI's purpose is to support organisations to make the best use of their resources, improve the quality of their services and so better meet the needs of their communities. CENI does this by helping organisations to assess the effectiveness of their work and to make improvements which ensure the development and delivery of better services.

CENI Support Services

CENI provides a range of evaluation services delivered by a dedicated and expert team of staff and associate consultants which includes:

  • External evaluations of projects and programmes to assess performance and inform future development.
  • Training and support to build evaluation skills and improve organisational effectiveness.

CENI provides a range of one-day courses including:

  • Introducing Self-Evaluation;
  • Getting the Most from External Evaluation;
  • Introducing Outcomes
  • Evaluating Social Capital Outcomes and
  • Approaches to Quality within the Voluntary & Community Sector.

Customised courses are also available tailored to suit specific organisational requirements

  • Information and advice to promote awareness and understanding of evaluation.
  • Research and development to inform best practice in evaluation appropriate to the sector.

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The latest in our series of collaborative, bring and tell learning sessions focuses on Measurement, Meaning and Manageability. In our effort to promote Good Impact Practice, sometimes we measure too little and trust our intuition that the work makes a difference and other times we measure everything and lose sight of what is meaningful.


CENI Summer Shorts sessions to help you understand and explain your impact are aimed at fundraisers, project planners/evaluators, annual reporters/communicators and governors/leaders.



The Inspiring Impact NI Programme is a Building Change Trust initiative supporting VCSE organisations and their funders to better understand and apply impact practice.



Planning for Impact Practice: Call for applications

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