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Walk INN - Belfast And Lisburn Community Project is a nonpartisan organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in our community. Our approach is tailored to the people and our community. Wherever we work, we do so with common values and the same respect for each person we meet. Our work ranges from providing safe shelter, accommodation, food and health services to helping people affected by homelessness receive the education, employment and social services they need. Our goal is to empower people who face homelessness, improving their quality of life and helping them stay off the streets for good.

We believe

Anyone can become homeless, it damages individuals, affects families and communities, we believe in most cases homelessness can be prevented.

We believe that with the right approach, funding, government support and community education that homelessness can end.

We believe that prevention is the answer, sustainable housing stock, social property investment and a housing first approach will break homelessness.

Homelessness is a diverse social issue, with multiple factors contributing to who may be at risk and indeed the support available to them. As our world changes around us we must be equipped to face the challenges to our communities and ensure we are best prepared to offer the most appropriate support. We believe we can do this.

Principles we work to

  • Put Young people first to eradicate negative stereotypes
  • Everybody counts
  • Working and learning with others
  • Strength and unity through diversity
  • Accountability
  • Delivery and effectiveness
  • Forward thinking
  • Compassion

Homelessness is not what you might think, we not only work with people rough sleeping on the streets, our support extends to all those affected or at risk of homelessness such as;



Vulnerable women

The elderly

Each group has its own specific set of needs, these can be fairly simple or extremely complex, but either way we work to ensure those at risk of homelessness are supported before they hit crisis point. Breaking stereotypes is key to this, most of our work involves education and awareness to help people understand all aspects of homelessness, who can be affected and how.

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Belfast And Lisburn Community Project


Belfast And Lisburn Community Project

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project Presents: “Homeless NOT Faceless” a Dance and Music Night fundraising event. Hosted By DJ David Lamont from Lisburn’s 98FM Address: WESTBOURNE GSC 3 Solway Street Belfast BT4 1HN 13th December 2019 Time: 7PM – Midnight ( Ticket £5 )
13 - 14 December 2019
Walk INN Charity Shop

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project has officially open our brand new shop Called Walk INN on 27 Holywood Road in East Belfast. The shop, which stock good quality second-hand clothing, accessories, books, media and electronics.

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