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HHP operates across borders. We work with various community organisations. Please see contact information below to get in touch. 

Human Health Project‘s (HHP) foundation is built upon peer-to-peer health information, education, and support. Through our programs, our objective is to empower individuals locally and globally to manage their health. HHP was founded in 2002 by Dr. Phil Harrington who had spent three years trying to find a diagnosis which sparked the idea for HHP. Today we are made up of a small core staff with 80+ volunteers, 30+ board members and advisors, spread around the world.

Our vision is to be the leading global resource for peer-to-peer health information, education, and support. We do this through our real-world data and peer-led patient advocacy programs. 

Real World Data

Healthcare is fragmented, and this adversely impacts quality, cost, and outcomes. For example, doctors and practitioners typically don’t have knowledge of each other’s medicines and the broad range of treatments available. Additionally, due to the rapid growth of technology and online resources, the amount of health information has increased exponentially. The abundance of information available has made it much more difficult to find the information you need. Knowing who to trust in a sea of commercial health resources can seem almost impossible.

These are significant problems, and that’s what HHP's Real World Data Program i
s about. We provide independent, unbiased information from our community, including all types of medicines, to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Participate by sharing your experiences or learning about how others manage their health conditions.

What is Peer-led Patient Advocacy?

Advocacy provided by trained volunteers who are matched to patients according to the needs of a patient and the skills of a volunteer. The service is provided free of charge, but where they are able to do so, patients are encouraged to make a small donation to help cover costs.

The HHP Patient Advocacy Program trains and supports volunteers to become strong advocates for patients who need help navigating the
healthcare landscape. In addition to matching, HHP Peer-Led Patient Advocacy includes scheduling, monitoring and feedback. Our independent volunteer advocates bring specialized knowledge and experience to individuals in need. Through our program, our goal is to increase patient outcomes, help patients and families in lowering their cost of healthcare and decrease inequities for individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of a patient advocate.

HHP’s mission is to provide donation based, peer-to-peer programs whereby people can help each other with their health issues, reducing inequities in health outcomes. HHP has a special focus on the underserved and vulnerable population groups, as well as the elderly and their caregivers.

As an organization, we strive to achieve our mission by:

  • Making the patient our highest priority
  • Promoting peer-to-peer information, education and support
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Improving the level of service provided by HHP
  • Ensuring all health care services are relevant to the needs of the HHP community

Our mission transcends borders, and we embrace partnerships with other nonprofit organizations. We are primarily volunteer-based and rely on local volunteers and partnerships to help us fulfill our mission. Through our partnerships and volunteers, we aim to improve the lives of the most underserved and vulnerable communities around the world.

Please visit for further information on our programs. 

Human Health Project's Content

Jun 30 5:49pm

Volunteer Education & Online Learning Specialist

Human Health Project

Human Health Project is seeking an Education & Online Learning Specialist. This role requires developing and implementing HHP’s training programme for patient advocates/navigators, as well as the education programme for patients.
Jan 31 5:39pm

Volunteer Director Of Strategic Partnerships

Human Health Project

A Director of strategic partnerships is responsible for expanding community relations and informing existing or new partners of our strategic business goals.
Jul 31 10:43pm

Volunteer Peer Advocacy Co-ordinator

Human Health Project

The Human Health Project NI (HHP) (in partnership with MindWise) is seeking to recruit a Co-ordinator for a new Peer-Led Advocacy service.

Human Health Project

HHP’s foundation is built upon peer-to-peer health information, education, and support. Through our programs, our objective is to empower individuals locally and globally to manage their health.

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