New Lodge Housing Forum

New Lodge Housing Forum

23 New Lodge Road
BT15 2BU
United Kingdom

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The New Lodge Housing Forum is an organisation which provide advice and support on all Housing and Environmental issues to the residents of the Greater New Lodge Area. We are an umbrella Body representing 9 Residents Groups in the Area, these being Upper New Lodge, Lower New Lodge Upper Long Streets, Henry Street, Carlisle, Victoria Parade, Duncairn parade, Buralee/Pinkerton and Duncairn Gardens Flats. We liaise between residents and the Housing Executive to provide information, discuss repairs issues and deal with inquiries on all housing related issues. We facilitate consultations with the residents on any scheme the Housing Executive carry out in the area. We also liaise between the Residents and other statutory Agencies such as Belfast City Council, Department of Environment and Roads services to provide information and support on issues such as Street Cleaning, Lighting and graffiti removal and all other environmental issues affecting the area and we facilitate consultations between residents and statutory agencies on environmental schemes that are to be carry out in the Greater New Lodge Area. We facilitate training for local community groups on a range of issues that are relevant to them. We organize local fund raising activities such as raffles and donations in order to obtain running costs to keep the office going. We also apply to charitable Trusts for funding to maintain the office and occasionally for an Environmental project that may be required to improve the area.

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