HURT (have your tomorrows)

HURT (have your tomorrows)

14 Clarendon Street
BT48 7ET
United Kingdom

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Monday - Friday: 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Addiction Treatment Centre

HURT (Have Your Tomorrows) was founded by Sadie O’Reilly who tragically lost her son Tony, through a Heroin drug addiction in 1999. Because of the heartache that Sadie and her family experienced at this difficult time, Sadie’s conquest was to provide support to drug and alcohol users and their families. Her passion, determination and ambition resulted in the founding of HURT and subsequently HURT has been dedicated to the memory of Tony.

Initially HURT was based in Great James Street, Derry in very small premises in October 2002. The service provided a listening ear service, family support and a drop-in centre, manned and funded solely by Sadie with support from a close friend and a dedicated volunteer Nina O’Hagan.

Sadie financed the project herself in its early development and moved to bigger premises in Queen Street after securing minor funding. Sadie trained with NADA Eireann in order to deliver Auricular Acupuncture treatments at HURT to clients with drug and alcohol problems. Sadie has consequently become a trainer of Acupuncture.

Currently we are located in Clarendon Street due to an increase in demand, client numbers and service provision. HURT has gone from strength to strength dealing with clients and parents, and subsequently have recruited additional staff, including an Administrator, Project worker and many volunteers.

Service provision now includes a range of Alternative Therapies including Acupuncture, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Angel Readings and Integrated Energy Therapies. Other services include educational and employment based support, as well as Art & Craft therapies and training opportunities.

HURT aims to support the entire community regardless of race, sex, gender, status, political or religious beliefs, and upholds strict Equal Opportunities, Child Protection and Confidentiality Policies.

We have continued to address information and education gaps by producing our newsletters and information leaflets, which are aimed at raising awareness of current drug issues and the work of HURT

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Addiction Service via telephone

HURT (have your tomorrows)

14 Clarendon Street Derry BT48 7ET

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Support for Frontline workers

HURT (have your tomorrows)

14 Clarendon Street Derry BT48 9DD

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Online / Virtual Training/Advice Workshop

HURT (have your tomorrows)

FREE DRUG, ALCOHOL & MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM! A great opportunity for younger people aged 13-24 HURT is now offering the above FREE Programme – Funded by Derry & Strabane District Council through the Peace IV Programme.
03 October - 28 November 2020
Oct 01 9:00am


HURT (have your tomorrows)

HURT announces in partnership with TQUK – Excellence in Education, a range of NQF Accredited Training Courses.
Jan 31 4:00pm

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER! - Level 5 Diploma in Substance Misuse Theory & Interventions (SMTI

HURT (have your tomorrows)

First Course of its kind in Northern Ireland! - NOW at a reduced cost of £1050....installment plan available!
Jan 15 4:30pm

Level 5 Diploma in Substance Misuse Theory & Interventions (SMTI)

HURT (have your tomorrows)


HURT (have your tomorrows)

HURT (Have Your Tomorrows) provides support, treatment and education programmes in relation to substance misuse. The ‘Re-Engage with Age’ project is an initiative to support older people aged 60+ years who are at risk of addiction issues across the North

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