First Aid for Churches Training Service

First Aid for Churches Training Service

8 Beechwood Gardens
BT67 0LB
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Every day 09.00-22.00

First Aid and defibrillator Training for church throughout Northern Ireland. Provision of first aid cover for church events. All first aid training courses are Covid-safe and to that end, a Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been compiled and made available to all course bookers.

First Aid for Churches Training Service, as the name suggests delivers first aid and defibrillator training courses to any church, church affiliated organisations in Northern Ireland and Eire (the latter depending on travel distance) and indeed any community organisations that use church premises.  Also available to provide training courses for any community-based organisations, clubs, WI groups etc.  Basically, if you can provide the venue, I provide the training!  As a first aider and member of the Health Practice Associates Council (HPA), I am also available to provide first aid cover at church/community events, residentials etc.

Training encompasses all aspects of first aid - from a very minor cut to sudden cardiac arrest!

All learners will receive a certificate valid for three years, good quality first aid manual, resuscitation face shield and training bandage.

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