1.25 million people in the UK have an Eating Disorder. People can be of all ages, genders and backgrounds - Eating Disorders do not discriminate. Beat provides support for both those with an Eating Disorder and their Carers, whose lives are turned upside down when caring for someone with these illnesses. We also provide training for professionals, to ensure that as many people as possible have an understanding of these devastating illnesses and how to help.

Beat is there for both those with an Eating Disorder and for Carers:

Support for those with an Eating Disorder:

Helpline: Open 9am-midnight and 4pm-midnight on bank holidays and weekends.  

- Our dedicated staff can support you by listening and signposting you to the most appropriate places.


Online Support Groups:

Dove - over 25's support group

Phoenix - young people's support group

The Nest - general group for all with an Eating Disorder

Kingfisher - Bulimia support

Nightingale - Binge Eating Disorder support

Swan - Anorexia support

Osprey - Men's support group


Support for Carers:


This is a 1-1 telephone coaching service.  It comprises of 12 phone calls over 12-15 weeks with a support officer.  It looks at how to support your loved one with their Eating Disorder.


Raising Resilience

This is group support for carers.  It comprises of a series of online workshops, live over zoom.  There are 5 workshops of 2 1/2 hours each.  Throughout the programme you will receive a pack of information to support you.  This programme is supported by the Northern Ireland Carers Fund.



This is a video based support group, hosted over Zoom. It usually runs over an 8-week block.  It offers you the time to share feelings and get support from others that are in a similar situation.  




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This is an online workshop for those caring for someone with an eating disorder. The workshop will to plan and practise self-care over this holiday period.
29 November - 16 December 2022

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