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The Charity was renamed to Action Deaf Youth in January 2015. It was previously known as the Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Association, an organisation which was set up in 1988 to meet the social and educational needs of deaf children and young people.

Our Vision: to be the leading deaf youth organisation in Northern Ireland and we will continue to provide quality services to meet our deaf children and young people’s needs. We want our young people to be achieving just as much as their peers, despite their deafness.

Our Mission: Supporting deaf children and young people to reach their full potential by delivering a continuum of youth work, employability training, training intervention and transitions support services.

Our Values: We believe deaf children and young people are equal citizens and should be provided with the same opportunities as their peers, to maximise their full potential and to develop holistically as positive citizens living in Northern Ireland. We aim for core values in the Northern Ireland Youth Work Curriculum to be intrinsic to the lives of deaf children and young people.



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Employability Support Service

Action Deaf Youth

"Supporting Deaf Young People into Employment" is an Employability Programme run through Action Deaf Youth. This service is aimed at 16-25year olds who are Deaf or hard of hearing who would like to gain more qualifications and employability support.


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