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Counselling All Nations Services (CANS)

On behalf of Building Communities Resource Centre and CANS, I would like to invite you to a workshop on the mental health needs of people from BAME communities on Monday July 22nd at 5.30pm, in the West Bann Development, 8 – 10 Killowen Ct, Coleraine. BT51 3TP
22 July 2019
Pretty 'n' Pink Breast Cancer Charity Information & Support Hub

Pretty n Pink Breast Cancer Charity

After the success of the last number of years, Pretty 'n' Pink are thrilled to announce that we have expanded and have launched the first ever Pretty ‘n’ Pink Breast Cancer Charity Information & Support Hub!

9 Clarendon Street
BT48 7EP
United Kingdom

Redbird Counselling and Training services provide professional psychotherapy counselling and coaching that is suitable for people looking for help with their mental health, emotional wellbeing, or to address their alcohol and/or drug consumption. Counselling sessions could help with issues such as: - a bereavement (death) or relationship breakdown; - stress / anxiety; - dealing with issues that are stopping you achieving your ambitions; - dealing with feelings of depression or sadness; - understanding yourself and your problems better; - feeling more confident; - dealing with issues surroundi
Training/Advice Workshop

SRH Counselling Services

“It’s so much safer not to feel, not to let the world touch me” Sylvia Plath. Dissociation is a mental process where a person disconnects from their thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity. Explored from a psychodynamic perspective this workshop will examine this frequently misunderstood defence mechanism.
26 April 2020