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Improve your digital literacy

Whether you are a student, employee, retired, out of work, or someone that uses technology for work, learning how to increase digital literacy can improve your life. An increased ability to learn, and communicate opens a new world of opportunities and options. We can help support your learning journey from the beginning covering everything from turning on a computer, sending an email, or attending a Teams call.

This is your learning journey, we are here to support you on the path of your own defined success.


Digital skills for daily life

Essential digital skills include being able to:

  • use devices like a computer, tablet or mobile phone for simple, personal and work tasks
  • find and use information on the internet
  • understand how to be safe and responsible online
  • communicate socially and professionally using email, messaging and social media
  • shop, bank, access services or apply for a job online
  • staying safe online


For group or individual booking please get in contact with us.



Improving digital skills for employment

Digital is changing our lives, how we apply for jobs, and how work in a new digital era. This means that having the digital skills, motivation, and confidence to use the internet is becoming essential for life and work.


Applying for jobs

Digital skills can help you find and apply for jobs. They make it easier to prepare for an interview and help you succeed. Many jobs are only advertised online. You’ll often need to apply using an online application form or by emailing a CV. The job selection process may also include online tests or a video interview. Knowing how to cope with these will improve your job chances.



Digital Skills for the Modern Workplace

Knowing how to answer and send emails, access a company’s files on the cloud, host or join a Team meeting online, or post content on social media are all digital skills that are increasingly sought after in today’s job market.

However, in the modern workplace, it is increasingly impossible to point out which digital skills you may or may not need. Digital literacy is a language; the more digital skills you have, the better you can speak it.

We provide trainer-led workshops and courses to some of the most sought-after basic digital skills in the workplace such as:

  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • OneDrive
  • Teams
  • Zoom
  • Canva
  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn Allstar/Personal Branding
  • Interviews, promotion, and effective communication

Improve your career prospects, boost your confidence or simply refresh your knowledge. Have fun with us and learn new skills. 

Bespoke content and workshops can also be created by request. We work with many organisations to improve staff digital confidence and skills. Digital badges can also be assigned to workshops by request.


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