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COVID-19 Response

Northern Ireland Alternatives

137 Agnes Street, BT13 1GG Belfast

Type of support for people

  • Emotional or social support (e.g. befriending)
  • Food / grocery / prescription delivery
  • Information and advice
  • Other
Help offered

During this time of crisis, Alternatives continues to deal with daily issues of community concern and need by adapting our interventions to include the following:

Daily telephone support to existing families referred through Family Support Hubs and other sources to help them cope with crisis and respond to emerging needs.

Sharing essential service information with families who require additional support. Distribution of food packages to local families, especially those who include elderly, children, young people and those with underlying health issues.

Assistance with and advice on utilities, prescriptions and other essential services.

Provision of telephone counselling for people struggling with mental health issues or coping mechanisms.

Provision of youth resource packs. Online support for young people and continuing training.

Provision of online social media platforms such as Facebook groups/Zoom to help people stay in touch.

Central point of contact for statutory agencies such as PSNI and NIHE to ensure coordinated and joint up response to ongoing issues.

Partnering with other community organisations to share information and ensure appropriate response and delivery of services.

How to access this support

If you need help or support please contact:

North Down: Stephen Hollywood - 07410 920118

/ South Belfast: Debbie Hammill - 07415 461287

/ East Belfast: Mandy Kearns - 028 9045 6766

/ North Belfast: Joan Totten - 028 9071 7077

/ Shankill: Billy Drummond - 07519 762488

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Northern Ireland Alternatives

Northern Ireland Alternatives

Northern Ireland Alternatives

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