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People 1st is an award winning employment and learning organisation which offers a range of government funded training programmes, employment support initiatives and corporate training solutions.


Support for Jobseekers

If you are looking for your first job or trying to get back into employment, People 1st can help you through the Steps 2 Success Programme ,Local Employment Intermediary Service (LEMIS+) or Community Family Support Programme (CFSP).

Steps to Success

This is an exciting opportunity for jobseekers in Northern Ireland to build skills and experience that will help them progress into work. People 1st delivers the programme in the Belfast region in partnership with Ingeus and Springvale Employment and Learning.

The Local Employment Intermediary Service Plus (Lemis+)

This is an initiative designed to help unemployed people in the community overcome those issues that may be preventing them from finding and keeping a job.

The Community Family Support Programme (CFSP)

If your family needs help, support is available. For instance, if you or a family member isn't in education, employment or training, you will get help and advice to address your needs and access to a range of positive opportunities.

For further information on these services please contact your nearest People 1st office -

School Leavers Programme *Enrolling Now for September 2018!*

The Training for Success Programme is all about giving young people the tools and the confidence to find work or get into higher education.  It is designed for school leavers aged 16 -18 (up to 24 years for those requiring additional support) and gives students the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, as well as practical work experience. Students receive a £40 weekly training allowance plus travel expenses.

Programme Content:

  • Accredited qualification in vocational area of choice
  • Essential skills qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
  • Accredited certificate in Employability 
  • Accredited certificate in Personal Development
  • *Work placement within vocational area of choice
  • Careers advice and guidance from qualified professionals

Vocational areas students can choose from:

  • Children's Care, Learning and Development
  • Retail Business
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Beauty and Nail Technology
  • Construction; Joinery & Carpentry
  • Construction: Bricklaying
  • Tech IT
  • Business Administration
  • Catering & Professional Cookery

People 1st provide additional enhancement for students for students such as:

  • *Paediatric First Aid / Construction Skills Register (CSR)
  • *Customer Service and Manual Handling Training
  • Masterclasses in job search, making applications and creating a CV
  • Industry expert guest speakers and vocational site visits
  • Film Club
  • Football Sessions
  • Enterprise projects and charity fundraising activities
  • Volunteering opportunities with local companies
  • Attendance at youth conferences, festivals and skill fairs
  • Cultural awareness and diversity workshops
  • Recreational enrichment activities

People 1st ensure students have access to a full range of Student Support Services  to enable them to reach personal and academic goals.

For further information on these services please contact your nearest People 1st office -

Training Options for Employed

Are you currently employed and interested in improving your existing skills level and qualifications?  If so, then People 1st can help you to progress in your chosen career.

ApprenticeshipsNI Programme 

This has been designed to provide any non-public sector staff under the age of 25 with fully funded, quality work-based training and the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification

Accredited Training 

This can be completed individually or as a group.  These courses range from management to first aid to essential skills.  For a full list of accredited courses, please click on the link below.

On-Line Courses 

People 1st offers a wide range of online courses including Leadership and Management, Health and Safety, Business start up, Customer Service Skills and many more.  

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Non-Accredited Training

People 1st also offers non-accredited training in various subject areas to provide you with the skills you need in your career.  These courses can be completed individually or as a group. 

For further information on these services please contact your nearest People 1st office -


Are you an employer interested in improving the skills of your workforce or providing valuable work experience for the unemployed?

Staff Training

• The ApprenticeshipsNI programme provides staff under the age of 25
  with fully funded, quality work-based training.
• People 1st offers accredited and non-accredited training in various
  subjects to provide your staff with the skills they need to progress
  within your business.  
• People 1st offers a wide range of online courses, allowing you to study
  at a time and pace to suit you.

Work Experience/Placements

• Steps to Success provides participants with the opportunity to learn new skills, and gain work experience, to help them return to work or find employment for the first time.
• Training for Success is designed for school leavers and gives them the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, as well as hands-on work experience.

For further information on our training services please email [email protected] or contact your nearest People 1st office -



People 1st's Content

Jun 29 10:00am

Apprenticeship Opportunities in Housing

People 1st

Do you work or have staff in a role that provides advice and support in housing? Are aged between 18 - 24 years old? Working 21+ hours per week? People 1st are offering Level 2&3 Diploma in Housing via the ApprenticeshipsNI programme - fully funded!
Feb 28 10:05am

Apprenticeship Opportunities in Care

People 1st

If you are interested in a career in H&S care and meet criteria below People 1st and our client will support you with training and experience in this field.

People 1st

People 1st are delighted to announce they will be supporting the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Northern Ireland (MNDANI) as their 2016 Charity of the Year!


People 1st

Training for Success learner, Kevin Moore is taking part in a Fixers Project to try to warn young people, who may be considering using legal highs, about their potentially devastating downsides.

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