North Belfast Interface Network

North Belfast Interface Network

123 Cliftonville Road
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North Belfast Interface Network (NBIN): Was established in 2002 in response to the critical levels of inter-communal conflict at interfaces in Ardoyne, New Lodge, Cliftonville, Marrowbone and the corresponding PUL communities. This project was primarily single identity in nature but recognised the necessity of engaging on a cross-interface basis if levels of inter-communal violence were to be reduced and eradicated. For the past five years NBIN have partnered Lower Shankill Community Association, Twaddell Woodvale Residents Association and the Concerned Residents of Upper Ardoyne in the Twaddell Ardoyne Shankill Communities in Transition, (TASCIT) an IFI Peacewalls programme. The remit of this collaboration is to seek to create the conditions that will bring about the removal of the segregation barriers that continue to divide communities. This post is resultant of TASCIT project activity and NBIN are acting, on this instance as the lead partner on their behalf.

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