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McGarry Consulting
12 Cricklewood Park
United Kingdom

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8am - 6:30pm Mon-Fri

Available outside of office hours on request.

McGarry Consulting provide management consultancy services to clubs, charities and community organisations. Specialise in funding, committee training, strategy, reports and facilitation. We provide high quality work on time and on budget, with extensive case-studies and testimonials

McGarry Consulting help clubs, charities and community organisations with projects, training and funding. We specialise in the paperwork around projects, in particular feasibility studies, funding applications, economic appraisals, evaluations, organisational strategies/reviews, governance documents (including clubmark) and community development plans. We also provide training for new committees with respect to governance, funding, fundraising and technology. 


Why McGarry Consulting:

  • Project managed £m ESF application that scored 179/180, top in NI for social economy organisation
  • Secured multi-year multi-million pound funding for large sports disability organisation (first time ever secured large scale funding in NI)
  • Project manage and facilitate consultations with older people (e.g. 500 attendees in one week, 96%+ would go to another event). Considered best practice example by NI Department
  • Completed over 100s of economic appraisals, feasibility studies and evaluations across NI, renown for quality
  • Help boards and volunteers to develop new strategies, structures and revenue streams that allow them to grow
  • Provide mentoring to Arts & Business clients that help them to discuss and address key issues specific to them
  • Help committees with managing meetings, organising consultations/surveys, using technology, recruiting volunteers and fundraising
  • Help clubs with clubmark, club development plans and sports development plans
  • Check out over 20 case studies online to show the types of projects we are involved in
  • Explore over 20 testimonials online to reflect the quality of our work
  • Strong social and environmental policies, including planting trees and donating time/money to good causes
  • Completed a number of pioneering projects in NI, including first community issue to social economy development model


We specialise in the following sectors: arts, community development, creative industries, disability, health & well-being, older people, rural development, sports, tourism and urban regeneration. Importantly, all are staff are also volunteers, having coached and sat on committees for 25 years. So we know were you are coming from and will always provide tips, training and advice to groups to ensure they need less external support in the future. Full range of services available here

We are known for completing high quality work on time and going the extra mile for groups. Crucially, we are contactable throughout projects 24x7, won't leave you with a boring document and will have the same people throughout the project from start to finish. Our goal is to help you need consultants less in the future. Also, when we take on a major funding project for a client, we are exclusive to them and will not assist other competing applications.

At McGarry Consulting we are happy to have a chat with anyone to see how we can help them and/or at least signpost them to increased support. Our fresh thinking can use videos, visuals, drone footage, board games etc to make training more effective and 'reports' more memorable. Based in Belfast we have worked in projects across Northern Ireland and beyond. Call us on 028 90517007, email [email protected] or visit for more information.


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