Mae Murray Foundation

Mae Murray Foundation

Unit A9B, Innovation Suite, Ash Building, Willowbank Business Park
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United Kingdom

The Mae Murray Foundation has been set up to allow people of all ages and abilities to take part in activities, experience the world and enjoy friendship together in an inclusive environment.

Mae Murray, who passed away in 2012, was the mother of our chairperson, Alix Crawford. There was nothing Mae loved more than designing ways and means to ensure that her granddaughter, Talia – who has cerebral palsy – experienced opportunities that most of us take for granted. Mae was one of the Silent Givers and the embodiment of everything that the foundation now represents.

Alix said: “Making sure Talia had a fun and positive quality of life, on a daily basis, was Mae’s ongoing goal and she succeeded. Our lives were enriched each day because of her. Of course, the void she left cannot ever be filled, but the ethos she embraced, with others like her, can be replicated.”

Is someone within your family circle, or a friend:

  • Working away quietly in the background?
  • Perhaps dedicating love, understanding and that great rarity – time – often at the expense of their own?

Can you imagine the difference that could be made to the quality of life of others, if as a society in general, we all invest time and interest in one another ?

Each of us has the ability and means to make a real impact simply by participating together and recognising one another to be of equal, inseparable value.

Our Mae Murray Foundation logo of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly depicts the progress and change we wish to see, bringing freedom of choice and spreading of wings to all.

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Mae Murray Foundation

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