Innate Training

Innate Training has been set up solely for the purpose of sharing the understanding of the 3 Principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks. An understanding of how the mind works and where our experience of life is actually coming from.

We have 4 main programmes looking at this new paradigm in mental health

Resilience from the Inside -Out (a six week programme delivered in a community setting)

IHEART (Innate Health Education and Resilience Training delivered to young people)

State of Mind ( delivered in a business environment)

Practitioner Training ( for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the 3 Principles)

We also do 1-1 coaching/mentoring

Innate Training's Content

Launch Training/Advice Workshop

Innate Training

We are running a 10 month practitioner training (2020) in the 3 Principles understanding. This is the first of it's kind in Northern Ireland and we guarantee a life changing immersion in a modality that is of its time. This is suitable for everyone who struggles with the circumstances, events and people in their lives and especially speaks to anyone who work in the fields of mental health, business, community, addiction and education.
14 November 2019

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