Horn of Africa People's Aid Northern Ireland HAPANI

Horn of Africa People's Aid Northern Ireland HAPANI

Botanic House, 1-5 Botanic Avenue
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Week days 09am -  5 PM

Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland (HAPANI) was formed in 2011 with the aim of supporting individuals residing in Northern Ireland who are originally from the Horn of Africa Countries.

Strategic aim
To support the self-actualisation of individuals from the Horn of Africa in Northern Ireland, on a basis of equality between women and men, to foster mutual support and integration vis-à-vis the host community, and to contribute to assistance in the region itself.
1. To develop independent initiatives to foster autonomy and participation among HoA individuals.
2. To raise awareness in public services of how they can respond flexibly to HoA individuals’ needs.
3. To challenge intolerance shown towards individuals from HoA communities in Northern Ireland.
4. To develop mutual support among HoA individuals and members of the host community.
5. To raise resources for education and health-related projects in the HoA projects in the HoA countries.

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  • Suleiman Abdulahi