Hearing Link

Hearing Link

Hearing Link, 23 Enterprise House
Lisburn Enterprise Centre
BT28 2BP
United Kingdom

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Michelle McMaster, NI & UK Volunteer Director, Hearing Link

Opening Hours

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Hearing Link is a UK charity for people with any level of hearing loss, their family and friends. Our vision is a world where everyone can enjoy life and participate fully and confidently, whatever their level of hearing.

Though shared experiences, practical support and guidance from people who experience hearing loss themselves, we enable others living with hearing loss to reconnect and embrace life, whatever their level of hearing. Our mission is to reach out to people with hearing loss and their families to help them improve their lives.

We do this by:

  • Connecting people with one another so that they can help each other to develop the confidence and skills to overcome daily emotional and practical challenges and remain active in their communities

  • Providing information, advice, signposting and specialist training tailored for each individual, offering the knowledge and skills they need for good communication

  • Raising awareness and understanding of the profound impact of hearing loss on every aspect of life, so that everyone knows how to achieve better communication.


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Informal Meetup

Hearing Link

Lisburn Hard of Hearing Group is seeking new members
Informal Meetup Seminar Training/Advice

Hearing Link

Hearing loss affects more than just ears! If you or a family member/ friend/ staff are affected by hearing loss please come along to one of our information sessions which will be delivered throughout the various trust areas of Northern Ireland.

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