Footprints Women's Centre

Footprints Women's Centre

Footprints Women's Centre
84a Colinmill
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Footprints Women’s Centre has provided services for women and children within the Colin Neighbourhood since 1991.

The Centre has evolved from a strong self-help ethos and operates within a Community Development context. The Centre has been acknowledged as a valuable asset within the community and has developed a diverse range of services within the Colin Neighbourhood.

The Centre operates as a Social Enterprise generating income to support services directly of benefit to women and children. Footprints Daycare Facility remains the only provision of its kind within the Colin area and Footprints Trading Ltd has created employment in an area of multiple deprivation. Footprints Women’s Centre operates out of a purpose built facility and also provides outreach programmes across the Colin Community.

The Centre works with up to 400 women per week and up to 90 children. Footprints employ 38 staff and is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors comprising 7 local women and 4 professional women with expertise in particular areas of interest. Footprints Women’s Centre offers a fully inclusive childcare service. The centre works closely with the South Eastern Trust in providing support to families.

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Footprints Women's Centre


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