Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre

Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre

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Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre

EPIC (Ex-Prisoners Interpretative Centre) has been operational since 1995, although its origins go back considerably longer. Initially, its primary objective was to address the problems surrounding the reintegration of politically motivated prisoners into the community and in particular those prisoners from an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) or Red Hand Commando (RHC) background. Through the study of other conflicts throughout the world, it is recognised the importance of successfully reintegrating former combatants in terms of consolidating the peace.

While successful reintegration of ex-combatants in itself makes a significant contribution to peace-building, EPIC have, through a wide range of activities made a much wider impact to peace-building in Northern Ireland.

Examples of these activities are as follows:  

  • Creating opportunities for ex-combatants and others to engage in dialogue with political adversaries (humanizing and de-stereotyping.
  • Youth intervention (using the experience of former prisoners/combatants to influence youth to channel energies towards non-violent methods of resolving conflict.
  • Assisting former UVF/RHC activists to contribute positively and non-violently to their communities.
  • Resolution of interface violence by lines of communication with Republican activists.
  • International study visits to other regions in post conflict and building of relationships with academic institutions in the field of conflict resolution.
  • Assisting UVF/RHC in the process of transformation.
  • Provision of Welfare Rights Advice service to both ex-prisoners and the wider community.

EPIC has and remains committed to reconciliation and conflict transformation both with and between communities. We uphold the principles of conflict transformation through social justice, community engagement, restorative justice and the reintegration of former prisoners and their families.

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