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Department for Communities

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In May 2016 the Department for Communities (DfC) was established following the restructuring of Northern Ireland Departments. The Department delivers a wide range of services to the public – both directly and through its Arm’s Length Bodies – which will impact the lives of most people at some point to support people, build communities and shape places.

The Department’s main functions include:

• Promoting work, wellbeing and fairness, and provide important support to those most in need through the delivery of a social welfare system and pension service
• Supporting people to find work and  the provision of a tailored recruitment service for employers across the region
• The delivery of a Child Maintenance Service, geared to secure more money  for more children
• The provision of decent, affordable, sustainable homes and housing support services
• Enabling, encouraging and promoting social inclusion, diversity, and participation in society
• Reducing fraud and error and protecting public funds
• Bringing communities together and delivering programmes that target social need through social, economic and physical regeneration of cities, towns and villages
• The administration of sport in Northern Ireland, promoting a culture of lifelong enjoyment and success in sport
• Supporting the work of the Voluntary and Community sector
• Supporting district councils to deliver strong and effective local government
• Realising the value of Northern Ireland’s built heritage
• Supporting creative industries, oversight and delivery for the arts, cultural and language sectors
• Supporting museums and libraries
• Protecting and providing access to public archives and records.

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Department for Communities

The Department for Communities is working with HM Treasury, Fair4All Finance and the other devolved administrations to support delivery of a No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) Pilot which will include Northern Ireland as a pilot location. Fair4All Finance is hosting 2 webinars as part of the NILS market engagement phase. The webinars will provide information about the scheme, the strategy behind it and why organisations should get involved!
21 September 202128 September 2021
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Department for Communities

Communities Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has announced a second phase of the Covid-19 Charities Fund.

Department for Communities

Kicking off on the 24th October, the Department for Communities is piloting an ‘Investment Readiness Programme’ for third sector organisations.


Department for Communities

The Department for Communities is supporting a pilot Investment Readiness Programme.

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