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National Centre of Deafblindness
19 Rainbow Court, Paston Ridings
United Kingdom

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Helpline open -Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Fridays 9am to 4pm

It all started in 1928 when a small group of deafblind people and their carers founded the National Deaf Blind Helpers League, an organisation offering mutual support and understanding in the face of conditions they found ‘unjustifiably cruel and hard.’ This was later renamed the National Deaf Blind League.

Deafblind UK knows that with the right support, deafblind people can live healthier, enjoyable and dignified lives.

We are open, accessible and relevant to all deafblind people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland – irrelevant of age, gender and background – offering crucial support including guidance, understanding, emotional support and opportunities that few other agencies can supply.

Deafblind UK bridges the gap between our deafblind members and their communities, providing practical solutions and human support in order to improve independence and reduce isolation.

We develop our charitable services in a sustainable way – building good relationships with funders, voluntary and community organisations and developing trading and social enterprise activities.

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