Conway Education Centre

Conway Education Centre

Conway Mill
5-7 Conway Street
BT13 2DE
United Kingdom

Conway Education Centre (CEC) is a community-based education centre situated on the interface between the Falls Road and the Shankill Road in West Belfast.

CEC provides a safe and encouraging environment for learning opportunities, enabling local people to improve their confidence and skills in order to fulfil their potential, enhance their chances of employment, and participate in the development of their community. 

CEC has a strong track record of providing value for money.  It is accountable and transparent and has a core commitment to its learners.

A key strength of CEC is its learner-centred approach. It has developed strategies, approaches and supports that encourage learners back to education and enable them to develop their confidence, skills and abilities.

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Conway Education Centre

Free: 10 week Introduction course: Maths, English, Science and Study Skills, one morning per week Start: April - June Enrollment: 11 - 27 March

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