Conflict Resolution Services ireland

Conflict Resolution Services ireland

274-276 Falls Raod
BT12 6AL
United Kingdom

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Joe Hamill

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9.00-5.00pm Monday to Friday

To promote peaceful resolution to conflicts through mediation.



1. To promote conflict resolution and reconciliation, mediation and peace building for the public benefit with a view to relieving suffering and distress and building and maintaining social cohesion and trust within and between communities.


a      Developing and delivering  (i) a mediation service to resolve disputes

b      Raising awareness of the nature and causes of disputes or conflicts and the means of managing them and in particular, assisting in the development of effective non-violent responses to disputes and conflicts, including those arising from parades through contested areas.

2. To provide for the public benefit mediation and support services for people who are at risk of being socially excluded, including those who may be at risk of punishment outside the criminal justice system, in order to advance their lives and assist them to integrate into society.


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