Cliftonville Community Centre

Cliftonville Community Centre

Cliftonville Community Centre
60-64 Manor Street
BT14 6DU
United Kingdom

Contact Details

Sheila Rice

Opening Hours

9.30 - 9.00 pm

Cliftonville Community Centre is based on the Manor Street Interface in North Belfast. We provide services for the Local area such as: carer and tots groups, afterschool's groups, youth groups, on-the-job training, adult training and general advice.


 Overarching Aim 1


To address the needs and concerns of young people nearing their teenage years through creative learning, personal development and social based activities.


Overarching Aim 2


To provide priority services that will ensure that the youngest in our community have the best start in life.


Overarching Aim 3


To offer our most vulnerable young people the practical support, guidance and training needed to ensure a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood.

Overarching Aim 4


To create a supportive network where adults can communicate their needs and desires and take the active steps to achieve these.


Overarching Aim 5


To raise the profile of the centre among the elderly residents of the community and to offer a variety of services that meet their needs.


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