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Arts for All
23 York Road
BT15 3GU
United Kingdom

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Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm
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Arts for All exists to promote, develop and encourage the arts within local communities in north Belfast.

Geographical remit

North Belfast

Main activities and numbers involved

Arts for All was established in 2000. The organisation promotes the arts as an essential tool for community and personal development. It provides access to the arts and opportunities for arts activity in north Belfast, particularly in areas with little activity.

The organisation exists to promote, develop and encourage the arts within local communities. It has four aims:

  • To encourage and stimulate the artistic creativity of people from north Belfast
  • To encourage appreciation of and participation in community arts
  • To provide advice, training and information on the arts
  • To promote and conduct research benefiting the arts

Aims are realised by providing arts workshops for community/youth groups, schools and partnerships. Arts for All is currently delivering a major cross interface programme CIRCA, engaging with seven local cross community partnerships (14 local groups) to do so. These groups focus on community relations themes for their projects such as identity, conflict and sectarianism, using artistic and creative methods to address these themes.

Arts for All works with around 500 participants every year.

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