Anna Clarke, Prospect Community

Anna Clarke is Director of Prospect Community, an independent community development learning consultancy based in Mid Ulster, working across the island of Ireland and further afield. Anna uses a collaborative approach to work with communities, CVSE organisations, and statutory sector agencies to design, deliver and measure the impact of programmes and services that contribute to informing and improving community development practice and supporting social change. Anna is professionally qualified in community work with over thirty years of experience as a practitioner, educator, and researcher. She has a strong understanding of the policies, structures, systems, and processes that influence and impact upon community work practice and the issues that communities experience and wish to address. Underpinning all work is a commitment to the underpinning values of community development practice, specifically social justice, equality, anti-discrimination, empowerment, collective action, and participation. Anna is a member of the NI Joint Government and Voluntary Sector Forum which facilitates consideration of key issues shaping the relationship between the two sectors, influences and examines the impact of public policy, and supports opportunities for greater cooperation. Anna is also Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Association for Community Development.

Prospect Community provides a range of consultancy services and works with communities and organisations to support;
●    Community Development 
●    Community Engagement and Consultation processes
●    Group work and facilitation
●    Participatory Research practice
●    Mentoring and Coaching 
●    Training design and delivery 
●    Reflective practice/Action learning facilitation 
●    External monitoring and impact evaluation

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