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Curriculum Area Manager (CAM) in Construction and Built Environment

Belfast Metropolitan College

£40,108 -£44,161
The post holder will provide first class curriculum management by working in partnership with a team of dedicated staff, the Head of Department and other members of the College Leadership Teams.


Management of the Curriculum Area

  • To lead in the management of the curriculum area through the development and implementation of a curriculum plan to advance the strategic academic and business direction of the curriculum area.
  • To manage the operational plans, prioritisation, implementation and review of business and action plans for the curriculum area in support of the Department and College Strategy and CDP.
  • To advise on and implement a highly effective & efficient curriculum delivery & assessment structure to lead the curriculum area and in conjunction with the Head of Department, to regularly review the structure of the curriculum area to ensure maximum effective and efficient staff utilisation and deployment.
  • To ensure the effective & efficient management of all the curriculum area’s work, on and off site.
  • To manage reporting staff in accordance with the College’s employment procedures and good practice and encourage excellence of professional competence.
  • To implement student policies as appropriate in the curriculum area, this will include, for example, guidance and counselling, learning support and student discipline etc.
  • To encourage innovation in the curriculum area and ensure appropriate curriculum support is given to all students.  This will include the development of on-line teaching resources and the effective use of electronic Individual Learning Plans as well as monitoring progress by ensuring student performance is tracked, assessed and reported on to support effective learning against development plans and a range of performance measures of success including attendance, success and added value.
  • To identify training needs and participate in the provision of appropriate training for reporting staff.
  • To be responsible for the selection, induction and probation of all staff in the curriculum area in line with relevant College policies and procedures.

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Development

  • To lead in the implementation of the Department’s operational plan at curriculum area level and to develop and plan the curriculum area’s portfolio in consultation with the Head of Department, paying particular attention to the development of excellence in teaching and learning and the quality of the learners’ classroom experience.
  • To review, with others, the curriculum offer across the area of responsibility to ensure an outstanding experience for all learners and to seek and develop new curriculum to meet stakeholder needs based on quality, demand and funding criteria.
  • To oversee the development, design and implementation of new and changing areas of the curriculum.
  • To manage the deployment of effective learning strategies and processes in the curriculum to ensure excellence in the quality of teaching and learning.
  • To support performance review in teaching and learning against agreed targets.
  • To liaise with the College’s employee development service on the identification and development of continuous professional development for staff and, where appropriate, participate in and deliver such activities.
  • To monitor, resolve and report on learner and other appropriate service issues.

Performance & Quality Management

  • To be accountable for setting targets, establishing and implementing performance management systems to monitor achievement of targets by the curriculum area against agreed performance targets and to monitor achievement of targets through operational plans.
  • To be accountable for participative commitment to excellence in performance, management and participation in continuous improvement activities by all staff within the curriculum area.
  • To be accountable for full implementation, within the curriculum area, of the College programmes of staff appraisal/performance management and continuing professional development.
  • To be accountable for, participate in and manage the curriculum area contribution to the College business planning and budgeting processes, SER and Quality Assurance processes.
  • To provide leadership for the curriculum area teams and to be accountable for ensuring that all staff are trained and developed and that College policies and procedures, appropriate external professional standards and Codes of Conduct are followed consistently.
  • To motivate and communicate effectively with staff, delegate work to others where appropriate and consistently encourage others to contribute to improvements in working and learning environments.
  • Where necessary, to challenge underperformance and support improvement through the application of College procedures.
  • To be accountable for completion of all designated management tasks as required by college policies e.g. Sickness Absence Management Policy, Disciplinary Policy, within your Curriculum Area.
  • To be accountable for implementation of service level agreements with key internal customers and providers, incorporating and promoting best practice and quality standards, and monitor service delivery to ensure that agreed levels are met.
  • To fully support the development of the College as a responsive provider of high quality provision and to lead the curriculum area to ensure excellence in teaching and learning and support is available to all learners.
  • To drive continuous improvement and to promote, within an excellent teaching and learning environment, a culture of innovation within the curriculum area.
  • To manage staff within the curriculum area in monitoring, guiding and supporting learners.
  • To ensure that the curriculum area meets or exceeds the requirements for all internal and external quality assessments and inspections and to support the development and implementation of the College’s quality mechanisms to ensure they are effective.
  • To review on an ongoing basis, the performance and progression of the curriculum area with respect to agreed KPIs and to set targets for these in line with the Departmental and College objectives and to develop, implement and monitor strategies to enable the curriculum area to achieve these targets.
  • To manage and take part in the self-assessment and quality assurance procedures of the College within the curriculum area and to monitor carefully the work, attendance and progress of all students on the course(s) within the specific curriculum area and take such steps as may be necessary when a student is in difficulty or making inadequate progress – involving close liaison with tutors and appropriate support services.
  • To provide oversight of scheme approvals, ensuring that the curriculum area complies with the requirements of appropriate awarding bodies and to support the application/accreditation processes related to external recognition/accreditation.
  • To work with teaching and learning mentors or equivalents, to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning following the assessment and observation of teaching and learning.
  • To lead on performance review in teaching and learning and measure the impact of teaching and learning, and related outcomes against agreed targets, including classroom observation activities.
  • To prepare an annual course review for presentation to the Head of Department and to monitor, report back and ensure that course team members are familiar with agreed course quality targets and action plans.
  • To be responsible, within your curriculum area, for:
    • the quality of written schemes of work/assessment schedules for the courses in your area.
    • the review of examination results, retention rates and added value indicators for the courses in your area.
    • the review, evaluation and action upon stakeholder evaluations of courses and related services.
    • research and other forms of activity to maintain subject knowledge and up to date approaches to teaching & learning.
    • a high level of awareness of the application of TEL/ILT and differentiated learning methods within an educational environment.

People & Resource Management

  • To provide dynamic leadership that contributes to the creation of a culture that encourages debate, rewards innovation and fosters inclusiveness and productive team working within the curriculum area.
  • To ensure that all staff within the relevant area of accountability and third party providers are working efficiently and effectively and to take action if standards are not met.
  • To ensure the implementation of effective and equitable procedures within the framework set by the College for the recruitment, selection, appointment, grading, appraisal, discipline and performance management of all staff within the relevant curriculum area.
  • To be accountable for staff utilisation, to address under-utilisation and contribute with HR to the creation of job descriptions and the selection and induction of staff within the curriculum area.
  • To effectively line manage members of staff within the curriculum area and provide support to these employees in the discharge of their line management responsibilities. This includes the following:
    • Appraisal and Performance Management
    • Identification of Reportees’ staff development needs
    • Ensuring that each Reportee has an individual training plan
    • Setting priorities for Reportees when necessary
    • Planning holiday leave and rotas to balance the wishes of Reportees with the needs of the College
    • Mentoring and advising Reportees
    • Managing absence
    • Dealing with matters of discipline and competence
    • Such other tasks, which involve supporting, directing and evaluating Reportees as may be necessary
  • To ensure that rules and regulations relating to the following statutory requirements are being fully observed and implemented by her/him and all staff directly or indirectly under his/her control.
    • Employment law
    • Finance
    • Health and Safety
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Disability Discrimination
    • Safeguarding
  • To contribute to the College’s annual Workforce Development Plan to ensure the needs of the Department are met.
  • To manage the annual operating budget for the curriculum area within the guidelines of the financial regulations of the College. 
  • To monitor and review set budget targets and take prompt corrective action to address any areas of overspend.
  • To advise the Head of Department in the determination of the academic and vocational provision and business development of the curriculum area after consultation with stakeholders through appropriate structures and mechanisms.
  • To work with reporting staff as appropriate to formulate plans and in assessing the viability of courses, to optimise delivery of a relevant and viable curriculum.
  • To manage the organisation of financial and other resource allocations across the curriculum area including identify staffing, capital and revenue resource needs for the Department to achieve its objectives.
  • To prepare appropriate bids for funding, projects and/or capital equipment for the curriculum area and to assist in planning the acquisition and use of College wide resources.
  • To ensure the most effective deployment, utilisation and development of staff within the curriculum area.
  • To support the Senior Management Team to ensure the proper and effective operation of all financial, planning and other management controls whilst ensuring efficient utilisation of physical and financial resources that safeguards public funds within the curriculum area.
  • To ensure that the College’s Financial Regulations and Procedures are understood and complied with at all times by those line managed and their subordinates.
  • To work with other curriculum managers to formulate plans and to assess the viability of courses, to optimise curriculum delivery within the curriculum area and Department.
  • To support the development of the College Estate Strategy to ensure the accommodation meets the evolving needs of learners within the curriculum area.
  • To ensure the effective management of risk through the implementation and monitoring of related policies and procedures within the curriculum area.

Liaison and Marketing

  • To ensure appropriate liaison work with relevant staff and services in partner Departments.
  • To keep abreast of current developments in further and higher education, and transition/progression issues within the curriculum area and Department.
  • To be responsible for and manage the curriculum area’s contribution to the marketing of curriculum provision within the Department.
  • To ensure timely and accurate data returns are completed as required.

External Links and Partnerships

  • To develop and strengthen supportive partnerships and alliances with local communities, stakeholders, other education providers, employers, professional bodies and appropriate Government departments.
  • To help instil and develop a dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial culture in the College to enable it to adapt to external changes, respond to opportunities, maximise income generation and maintain a position at the forefront of emerging education strategies and initiatives.


  • To promote, implement and ensure compliance with all College policies and procedures. In particular, to ensure equality of opportunity and the effective application of health and safety procedures for all staff and learners within the curriculum area.
  • To lead the curriculum area’s contribution to the achievement of the College’s mission, values and strategic directions.
  • To represent the College as necessary at national, regional and local level to ensure its effective promotion as a world class organisation.
  • To participate actively in relevant regional and national professional networks.
  • To deputise for the Head of Department as required.
  • Carry out any other duties assigned by the Head of School / Curriculum Area Manager.

Closing Date

Wednesday / 28 October 2020 12:00pm

Contact Details

If you have any queries please email [email protected]

HR Department Castlereagh Campus
Montgomery Road
United Kingdom

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