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Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat Schemes

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust

231 Mallusk Road Newtownabbey BT36 4QW

Type of support for people

  • Food / grocery / prescription delivery
  • Other

Help offered for organisations

  • Other
Help offered

Pet Food Bank:

This scheme provides free pet food to domestic pet owners in financial distress and thus enabled them to keep their pet during rough times and not give them up when they needed them most. We will endeavour to provide a supply of free pet food, for a limited period, to people in financial hardship and in Covid-19 difficulty.


Project Wildcat:

There are pockets of feral communities and community cats being fed by people throughout Northern Ireland. This unique scheme provides ongoing pet food support to help them feed them. We provide shelters to keep them warm, safe and protected. To discontinue care and feeding to which these cats have grown accustomed to would put them in grave danger. 


NB. The supplies may be reduced at this time due to the increase in requests and will be dependent on funds available to cover. There are only a few volunteers delivering these supplies, so please bare with us! It is also not available to people who have got animals when already in financial difficulty or breeding, only to help them keep their pets during crisis times.

How to access this support

Organisations working with the vulnerable and those in financial distress can contact us direct (with the person's permission) with a referral for pet food support.


The public can either contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 02894432229. Our preference for initial contact is by e-mail please as we can manage this better. 


Please let us know:

- Name, address & phone number (e-mail too if possible)

- the basic reason why support is needed, to help us assess the type /length of support needed, ensure it meets our criteria and to ensure volunteers are aware of any health condition to safeguard them too.

- a few details of the animal(s)


We will contact you generally in the evening to discuss & make any arrangements. This will be done by either Stephen or Heather (no-one else!)

Contact Name
Stephen or Heather
Email Address
Telephone number