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Jun 30 5:00pm

ACTIVITY LEADER ( help organise a weekly exercise class for people with Parkinson's)

Parkinsons UK

Help organise a weekly exercise class tailored for people with Parkinson's - an essential part of managing this condition. If you are outgoing, organised and have basic computer skills, and want to make a difference, this is the perfect voluntary role.
Online / Virtual Training/Advice Workshop

New Directions Facilitation

This online Workshop will introduce you to some of the basic requirements and planning you can put in place for more succesful meetings/sessions/workshops with others. If you have a key role in organising, facilitatiing and following up on meetings then this Workshop will focus on some of those steps you should take to ensure that those involved participate and engage fully during the meeting/session/workshop. This will be relevant whether there are only 2 people participating or for much larger gatherings.
04 May 2021

9 Clarendon Street
BT48 7EP
United Kingdom

Redbird Counselling and Training services provide professional psychotherapy counselling and coaching that is suitable for people looking for help with their mental health, emotional wellbeing, or to address their alcohol and/or drug consumption. Counselling sessions could help with issues such as: - a bereavement (death) or relationship breakdown; - stress / anxiety; - dealing with issues that are stopping you achieving your ambitions; - dealing with feelings of depression or sadness; - understanding yourself and your problems better; - feeling more confident; - dealing with issues surroundi