Probation Approved Accommodation (Ex-Offenders Housing Support): Belfast

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Since its foundation in 1978, Extern has worked to influence the criminal justice system, through offering programmes aimed at working with ex-offenders.


We currently operate two facilities for those who have been through the criminal justice system.


Extern’s Innis Centre is a purpose-built 20-bed unit, in Belfast, providing accommodation, supervision, and monitoring, to a range of people with an offending past, so that they can be positively reintegrated into the community.

The centre caters for offenders who are assessed as medium to high risk and staff will develop support plans for each individual and ensure access to benefits, health provision and education or training opportunities.


Dismas House offers 14 beds to offenders recently released from prison and who are subject to supervision under licences or other restrictions. Working closely with Probation Officers, staff provide support and supervision to the ex-offender until appropriate, permanent accommodation has been identified and agreed, and until they can be positively reintegrated into the community.

Where required, service users can be supported to access additional internal and external services for issues related to addiction, mental health or physical health issues.

The hostels work closely with the Floating Support Service to assist individuals to make the transition from group living to independent accommodation.

Currently Innis Centre and Dismas House work in partnership with Cancer Focus, who provide a six-week programme to residents, covering:

  • Addiction
  • Mental health
  • Smoking cessation
  • Healthy eating
  • Yoga

Innis and Dismas also engage with the Homelessness Health Hub nursing staff who provide healthcare, flu vaccinations and dental treatment

How to access this support

Referrals to this service are made via Probation Board for NI.

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