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Wee Chicks Creche North Belfast provides high quality childcare from 0 to 4 years. Part Time and Pay As You Go spaces available.

If you need to book with in the next 7 days please call 07598247742

We aim to provide a happy, safe and enjoyable environment for your children in our care, led by a team of experienced staff that follow the early years and believe in having a child lead approach. You’re children will also be doing activities sensory play, rhyme time, story time and arts & crafts. 


*We have a fixed ratio of staff to children of 0- 2 years 1:3, 2 years – 3 years 1:4. There will be a minimum of two staff present at all times.  All staff have Access NI Enhanced Check, Health Check and Trust check (SOSCARE/community Information System)


What Do We Offer?

  • Activities you’re child will participate in include; crafts, messy play, story time, rhyme time, imaginary play, construction, water play.  Your child’s developmental needs will be met and care for by a loving team.
  • As part of our creche, we provide a healthy snack shortly after 10.30am.  Our snacks are healthy – there will only be a treat on special occasions.
  • During their time at the club you’re children will be able to make choices about what activities to do. We have lots of wonderful equipment inside and a new outside play area. There will be at least one adult led activity each session which children can choose to take part in. These will sometimes be themed across a week.
How to access this support

You can book by ringing or visiting our website

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