Online safety workshops for groups of parents and carers

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Raising a generation of children who have grown up in a digital world can be challenging for parents, it can be difficult to know where to begin when trying to navigate keeping them safe. This is especially true to life with new technology evolving so rapidly and our daily lives dominated by the internet. Never more so than over the last 18 months where children’s screen and online time has vastly increased.

Of course, the internet is a wonderful place to create, learn and - ever more importantly since the pandemic – provide a space for children to connect with friends and family. But we must remember that it comes with risks, and that is where the NSPCC can help.

We are offering free workshops for groups of parents and carers in community, schools or workplaces, which will help you understand how children use the internet, and will cover a range of topics to ensure you feel confident in having conversations about online safety. There will also be resources and tools to help you empower your children on their online journey, and keep them safe in the process.

Each of our short online courses covers what children do online, as well as the risks and how these can be managed as a parent or carer. We also look at concerns, and go over sources of help and support to give parents the confidence to help keep their children safe online. We can also add on a selection of specific topics including cyberbullying, social media, parental controls and grooming that can be tailored to the needs of parents attending.

If you are part of an organisation which offer services or support to parents and carers, our team can deliver a group workshop online or in person across Northern Ireland. To find out more email [email protected]

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