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Food, gas electric, telephone counselling, information and advice

Lenadoon Community Forum / Community Counselling Service

Glen Community Complex, 41c Suffolk Road, Belfast, BT11 9PE

Type of support for people

  • Emotional or social support (e.g. befriending)
  • Food / grocery / prescription delivery
  • Information and advice
  • Transportation
Help offered

Glen Community Complex houses a range of community based support services who are all working together during the Covid-19 crisis to provide an emergency response to residents within the Greater Lenadoon area.  The supports operating are as detailed below: 

Telephone counselling via Lenadoon Community Counselling Service (02890 600641): Weekly telephone sessions being provided to 100+ existing clients plus working to address current waiting lists and any new referrals as a result of the Covid-19 crisis

Family Support Services via Lenadoon Women’s Group (02890 611205):

  • Daily telephone support to existing families referred through Outer West Family Support Hub to help them cope with Covid-19 crisis 
  • Sharing essential service information with families who require additional supports
  • Distribution of food packages, gas and electric top ups to local families, especially those who include elderly, children, young people and those with underlying health issues
  • Liaison with other essential services to share information regarding needs

Children’s & Youth Services via Glenparent Youth & Community Group (02890 585544):

  • Daily telephone support to local children and young people aged 11 years and up 
  • Online workshops and discussions with range of young people covering variety of issues such as emotional well-being, personal development, drugs, alcohol, sports and fitness and coping with the Covid-19 crisis
  • Distribution of food packages to local families especially those with vulnerable children and young people 
  • Operation of Facebook page to share up to date, accurate updates on Covid-19 crisis.  Encouraging young people to stay home, posting resources, competitions to help keep children and young people positively focused whilst in isolation etc. 

Promotion of information regarding essential Covid-19 services located in Belfast via Lenadoon Community Forum (02890 615319):

Through designated Facebook page specifically for the Covid-19 crisis, sharing accurate information about staying at home, keeping safe and keeping occupied.  Sharing information regarding essential services especially for those who are vulnerable and require supports such as the elderly, those with underlying health issues, those who are sick etc. 

How to access this support

By telephoning Glen Community Complex on 02890 585544 or contacting one of the services directly by the telephone numbers provided.

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Lenadoon Community Forum / Community Counselling Service

Glen Community Complex

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