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Church and online services and meetings aimed at those of any background who want to allow themselves to be changed by contact with God.

The Orthodox Church of St John of Shanghai
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We can offer individuals the opportunity of immersing themselves into the presence of the living God through experiencing services conducted in the oldest Christian Church on earth - pre-dating all denominations and upholding apostolic succession - and also through having an opportunity to explore faith matters with likeminded people. This is helping people to gradually transform their lives by aligning them to their own spiritual progress - an inevitable outcome for all those who take it seriously - by the Grace and Mercy of God transforming vices into virtues, building up resilience in tribulations, and acquiring a peaceful humble heart and a forgiving outlook.




How to access this support

People can initially contact us by email or telephone or simply turn up to our services as advertised on the website or on the facebook page. To engage in the transforming experience it is necessary to turn up and join in the services as regularly as possible.

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Johanna McBride
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The Orthodox Church of St John of Shanghai

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