Young Lives vs Cancer (formerly CLIC Sargent)

Young Lives vs Cancer (formerly CLIC Sargent)

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When a child is diagnosed with cancer it threatens everything, for them and their family. At a time when they should be busy being children, enjoying their rollercoaster teenage years or finding their feet at uni, life becomes full of fear. Fear of treatment, but also of families being torn apart, of overwhelming money worries, mental health stretched to breaking point, of having nowhere to turn, no one to talk to.

At Young Lives vs Cancer, we get that. We are the charity that helps children and young people (0-25) and their families find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them.

We know everyone’s different, so we work hard to make sure each family has what they need to get through cancer. It could be a financial grant for a parent struggling to keep their child warm through their treatment or for a young person who can’t afford to get to hospital. Or helping a family stay together at one of our free Homes from Home close to the hospital where their child is having treatment.

And if we think families aren’t being heard by the whole system, we’re not afraid to raise their voices or shout on their behalf. Children and young people with cancer deserve the same opportunities as anyone else. We’ll always have their back, because we’ve been there before.

Powered by the kindness of our supporters, we’ll face it all together.



At Young Lives vs Cancer, we help families find the strength to face everything cancer throws at them.

We know everyone's different, so we work hard to provide support that’s easy to access and meets individual needs. We shape the work we do around six core principles.

Daisy - who has been supported by CLIC Sargent

When the doctor says cancer

“It’s like you’re in a bubble and you’re screaming but no one hears.” Those first days, weeks and months after a cancer diagnosis are overwhelming, when young cancer patients are confused, scared and anxious. From the moment of diagnosis, we’re there and ready to help families cope. Our care teams provide day-to-day support for each child, young person and family, from information and guidance to clinical care and specialist play during treatment.

Josh's Dad reading paperwork

Cancer costs

As if a cancer diagnosis isn’t tough enough, the financial impact of cancer can be devastating. Our research shows parents spend an average of £600 more every month when their child has cancer. Lots of travel for treatment, hotels, extra heating costs at home. It soon adds up, causing further anxiety and worry.

Young Lives vs Cancer care teams work with young people and families to help them get essential financial support. We arrange Young Lives vs Cancer grants and help them get the benefits and other support they’re entitled to. We also help liaise with young people’s employers and sort out housing issues to keep families together, because day-to-day life doesn’t stop when you have cancer.

A child playing with toys

There’s no place like home

Treatment is exhausting and often happens for months at a time, far away from home. Travelling for treatment not only adds to the exhaustion; it’s expensive too. We help to reduce that burden. Our nursing teams can provide personal care and support at home, or arrange for treatment to be given closer to home. We also have Young Lives vs Cancer Homes from Home close to hospitals, where families can stay during treatment for free. These reduce the financial cost and emotional impact of cancer, keeping families together when it matters most.

Social woker Adama

We help them thrive, not just survive

Cancer shatters young cancer patients’ education, social lives and future prospects. They need support not just to survive cancer but to finish treatment with their future in their grasp. We help them get their lives back on track, both during and after treatment.

Our team of professionals work with children and young people to limit the damage of cancer. We support young cancer patients emotionally – building their resilience so they can continue to learn, regain their confidence and be inspired to think beyond cancer. We work with schools on a child or young person’s behalf, helping them keep in touch with friends, organising work at home so they don’t fall behind and helping schools prepare for when a child goes back to school.

Vicky, sat with her eyes closed

When a child dies

Hearing your child isn’t going to get better is every parent’s worst nightmare. We help young cancer patients and families prepare for death, if the unthinkable happens. We encourage them to think about how the child or young person can be remembered and help them deal with their worries. Our care teams provide bereavement support through home visits, local support groups and memory days. We do this to help children, young people and their families find a way to cope with the emotional pain.

Young cancer patients Khianna and Brad outside Parliament with Celebrity ambassador Jake Humphrey and CLIC Sargent staff

Making change happen

Too often, young cancer patients and their families don’t get the support they need from the government. We listen to them, basing our research and campaigning on what they tell us to ensure we make the right change happen. And then we fight on their behalf.  We do this through extensive research and by campaigning for policy change in the things which matter most to them. We raise awareness of children and young people’s experiences and champion their voices to politicians and decision makers across the UK

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