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UV Arts C.I.C is a fun, dynamic and exciting social enterprise based in Northern Ireland. Creating vibrant spaces and making art inclusive for all, we use street art to create social change. We are an award winning social enterprise having won the Derry Journal People of the Year award, winning Business Person of the year 2019. We were also selected as part of Nesta/Guardian New Radicals list of top 50 radical organisations in the UK 2018. UV Arts collaborate with youth groups, community organisations and statutory bodies to deliver projects that engage young people in making public art and in turn helping transform their social and creative skills, and indeed transform communities. We promote the transcendence of social and community issues through street art, engaging the public in the transformation of public spaces throughout the UK.
  1. Our street art aims and promotes the transformation of people, places and communities. This is achieved through the medium of art education with project-based learning outcomes. We want to invest in new ways to promote equality and progress through art. We want to increase awareness of work within the arts and in turn, increase participation. 
  2. Our use of street art is a tool for innovative solutions to city regeneration, businesses, communities and a vast range of social issues. A creative power tool which not only fixes, but rebuilds. A tool which creates and transforms.
  3. UV Arts incorporates Mural Arts’ projects and initiatives providing an opportunity for recognition and visibility for corporations, organizations and individuals. All combined to inspire change in people, places and spaces.
  4. We want to create opportunities for a wide demographic of participants and artists alike, and provide a platform for creative expression and self-expression through a process of collaboration via alternative education, creative workshops, personal development and team building exercises. 
  5. UV Arts services include workshops within the VCSE sector, commercial artworks and contemporary mural projects and initiatives to help transform communities, commercial businesses and to encourage participation and promotion of your business. UV Arts also offer bespoke guerrilla marketing services including hand painted, large scale advertising, brand activation, street art advertising and Eco-friendly reverse graffiti and street art. 


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