Tourette Alliance

Providing Acceptance, Advocacy & Awareness for Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders


Currently there is a significant unmet need among individuals with Tourette Syndrome and their families in Northern Ireland. To address this need the Tourette Alliance chapter in Northern Ireland will provide services that include:

Monthly parent, adult and children’s support groups;

Children and young adult clubs which will provide a variety of sports and leisure activities

A robust website with links to education and support resources;

Immediate individual support by phone and email;

Advocacy for children with Tourette Syndrome in the school system and for adults in the employment arena and the legal system;

Literature for distribution to our members and public agencies within the chapter area;

Education for the general public about Tourette Syndrome;

Fundraising and budgeting for chapter activities;

Activities for children with Tourette Syndrome;

Crisis support services for chapter members.

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