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Unit 1B1
Edenderry Industrial Estate
BT14 7EE
United Kingdom

Opening Hours

9.30 5pm Monday to Friday and First Sunday of every Month - from 1 -5pm

TFS works for a more sustainable world through practical solidarity with people in some of the poorest countries in the world. This is achieved by shipping out high quality tools and sewing machines to artisan groups.Tools For Solidarity

TFS is a volunatry community organisation with 3 basic aims.  To support the artisan sector in the Third World through the collection, refurbishment of high quality tools and sewing machines to artsians, mostly in sub Sahar Africa and by providing skills training to that sector.

We also offer volunteering opportunities to all and particularly welcome volunteers with extra support needs.

Finally we seek to raise awareness of the root cuasers of poverty and social injustice.  We are currently running a small scale education programme with schools and youth organisations

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