Survivors of suicide

Survivors of suicide

Connswater community centre
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Monday - Friday 9am-6pm

Can also be contacted in an emergency by phone at evenings and weekends.

OUR MISSION Supporting those who have been bereaved or affected by suicide, with referrals for the most appropriate support and raising awareness

Survivors of Suicide support Group, SOS was formed in September 2006 as a response to the rise in Suicide’s in the East Belfast  Area.

 We at this time felt that in the East  & South of the city and also the Castlereagh Area there was no one or place people could turn to for help.

The group was set up by and is run by the family and friends of those who lost their lives to Suicide and it's aim is to provide help and comfort to those left behind, we try to provide a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen and give if possible an honest answer to the many questions that are asked in the aftermath of a sudden death by suicide.

We give families a safe place to talk about their loss when they are ready.


We in the group are no different to anyone else who this has happened to but through our own experience we feel that we can help by relating our own stories from our own losses.


Many family and friends have gotten a lot of help from the group and many of those with us now are getting in their own words “Something they could not get anywhere else” we in the S.O.S group also provide other services for the families and friends.


We can put family members in touch with counsellors and complimentary therapists we can also provide the families and friends with information on all matters relating to the aftermath of this type of death. We can arrange training on matters relating to suicide and helping people to recognise the signs when a loved one is at risk of suicide.





A suicide free society where there is no stigma and people are educated, aware and understanding. That people feel able to talk freely and know and recognise that help and support are always accessible and available.






Supporting those who have been bereaved or affected by suicide, with referrals for the most appropriate support and raising awareness





  • We believe in a shared vision, accessible to all
  • Peer led organisation to enable shared experiences
  • Supporting families who have been bereaved by suicide and offering appropriate support
  • Offering information and signposting to those affected and at risk of suicide
  • Supporting and educating the community to rise awareness of suicide
  • Services freely provided to those in need
  • To work in partnership with other community based organisations with the same ethos
  • Volunteers are vital to the operation of the organisation and will be provided with appropriate support, training and expenses
  • We will seek out new avenues of fundraising and host events to enable service delivery and self sufficiency
  • We will operate to models of best practice with appropriate governance and policies in place-compassion
  • Empathy
  • Trust and Respect
  • Feeling comfortable with each other
  • Listening
  • Honesty
  • No airs and graces
  • Shared experiences
  • Support
  • Talking to each other
  • Helping and supporting each other and the community
  • Educating the community and the organisation
  • Second family
  • Friendship and love





  • That each and every family receive appropriate support after a bereavement by suicide if they ask
  • That each response is individual and based on the person's needs rather than the organisations.
  • That all families and people affected by suicide need a different response and some may not want help until months after the death by suicide.
  • That we need to listen to the community and families about their needs and plan the support appropriately.
  • This is a community problem and one organisation can not tackle the issue alone, we all need to work together and support each other.





The Organisation is established to help alleviate distress and offer assistance to people who have suffered loss through suicide or anguish through self-harm by loved ones,


in particular by the development of support systems within the community;

Advance the education of the public and raise awareness of the causes and effects of suicide and self-harm and into matters relating to the nature of grieving, bereavement and the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals that self-harm.

To offer support for family and friends bereaved and or affected by suicide.

  To connect families and friends bereaved through suicide in East Belfast/Castlereagh and give relevant advice on help and support available.

 To create a group for families to express their needs and concerns and facilitate action to address them.





  • Alleviate distress
  • educate the public
  • support family and friends
  • group for families to express needs and concerns
  • connect families and friends
  • Signposting people at risk of suicide





We have a monthly support group for families to come together to share and talk about their experiences.

We can help with advice on information on a range of issues.

Each year we hold a celebration of life event to remember loved ones lost to suicide.

We have respite weekends and diversionary activities to help families bereaved.

We can offer one to one support to deal with a number of issues that families have to face in the aftermath of a suicide.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas to help and support families bereaved and increase awareness of help and support available around suicide .





We have members who sit on the SSIB (suicide strategy implementation body), Family Voices forum, The Bamford mental health group, the south and east Belfast community of interest for mental health and suicide and the East Belfast community development agency. The SOS group work closely with other suicide prevention organisations across Northern Ireland and Belfast.


We have been lobbying and campaigning for a walk in centre within East for people in crisis for support and we are constantly lobbying the Health trusts and the Public health Agency as well as the DHSSPS and the health minister for better help and support for people in crisis and their families as well as families who have been bereaved by suicide.


We will also help and make referrals for people with thoughts or attempts of suicide across East Belfast and Castlereagh.


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Survivors of suicide


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