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Sean Hughes is the Director of SPH Consultancy and has delivered training to front line staff across the UK and Internationally. He has provided direct care to people with dementia, working in care homes, hospitals and community settings.

In recent years, many countries have seen restructuring of health and social care servives. as health care professionals, carers and families adjust, sph consultancy can provide cost effective up to date training on all aspects of dementia services.


Design of an environment can have both possitive and negative impacts for people with dementia. an environment, which is well designed, can help promote independence and support so the person can live well for longer. quality of design can be linked to reduction in stress, which improves the quality of live for the person living with dementia and their carers. sph consultancy can offer services to shape the design of both indoor and outdoor environments, whether it is the persons own home, care home, hospital or public neighbourhoods.


It is critical to have the commitment, skills and knowledge whether your a professional, support worker or family member. As the number of people with dementia increases worldwide, so are the number of carers, both paid and unpaid. SPH Consultancy train skilled compassionate workers to care and support people living with dementia. SPH Consultancy offer passionate, knowledgeable trainers who see aged care with a possitive and rewarding attitude.

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